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Innovation Pack 17.0 FAQ - Upgrade

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

Keep your Siebel CRM application upto date with our latest releases to ensure you can take advantage of bug fixes, use the latest features, and keep current with Oracle Support.

Upgrade FAQ

1. What Upgrade paths are available for Innovation Pack 2017?

Please refer to the attached matrix 'IP2017 Supported Upgrade Paths' and also My Oracle Support article ID: 1514115.1

2. Are there any pre-requisites for 17.0 - can IP2017 be installed directly or it should go with upgrade? any prerequisites with for IP2017 upgrade?

If you are currently using 8.1.1 and above a direct upgrade path to IP17 is available. If you are using 8.0 then it requires a 2 step upgrade. Prerequisites are that the OS and Database have to be at a level that is certified for IP2017 (refer to My Oracle Support, Certify tab when IP17 is released)

3. Any reason why customer should first move to IP16 instead of IP17 directly?

This stepped upgrade process might be beneficial if a customer is currently using a very old build of Siebel, however it is generally recommended to always look to stay current with the latest release.

4. Is upgrading to 12c Oracle database mandatory if we want to upgrade to Siebel IP2017?

Due to the time period on 11g support , Oracle 12c both for database server and client should be seen as mandatory for IP2017 and later. Upgrading Siebel CRM and Oracle 12c can be done independently.

5. For an upgrade, do we finish the repository merge then configure SMC?

Yes, that is correct

6. What is the upgrade path from to IP2017 ?

Single step incremental upgrade.

7. Is the upgrade approach to IP17 similar to earlier like IP13 > 15 or different

Yes, that is correct it is the same.


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Comments ( 5 )
  • Rajesh Thursday, June 22, 2017
    Can you verify the doc id provided 549361.1 again.
    looks like a wrong doc id.
  • Abhishek Wednesday, November 15, 2017
    I am planning to upgrade Oracle DB from 11g to 12.2.1
    IS IP2017 compatible with this version on Oracle DB
  • John Bedford Friday, November 17, 2017
    Hi Abhishek,
    You can check the supported platforms here:
  • Chip Zigterman Wednesday, January 3, 2018
    What installations stille need to be 32 bit and which can now (for IP17) be 64 bit?

    (Java, OraClient for instance?)
  • John Tuesday, April 17, 2018

    Only Java needs to be 64 bit. The rest is 32 bit and is the same since prior to IP2017.
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