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Innovation Pack 17.0 FAQ - Configuration Management

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

Configuration Management FAQ

1. What about version control system (VCS) integration? SRF content? maybe SIF content?

Siebel now is a version control system, you can still export repository content to SIF if you feel the need to continue to use an external VCS.

2. While editing any object in Approval Manager how to know on which Workspace we are editing?

You open the Workspace in the Workspace dashboard and when you move back to Web Tools, any edits you are making is in the context of that Workspace

...I mean while I am in Web Tools is there any indicator to see the Workspace ? or do i need to go back to Workspace ?

In Web Tools, there is no indicator currently. Currently you can look at Help-> Technical Support as an alternate option.

3. How do Approvals work if the object is merged when two developers have done the change to same object? If a manager wants to Approve only changes done by one developer but not the other?

If only one Workspace needs to be approved, the manager can reject the other submission with reasons. Developer 2 can go back and modify the Workspace and resubmit based on managers response

4. Does Siebel Approval Manager requires separate license?


5. Will there will be a way to tie seed data to an Approval Manager ID?

You could tie seed data to approval manager as well

6. What if the change is not to be approved for any defect? How to use approval manager for a normal development?

It depends on how you set up the approval process. Approval process can be just developer submitting and getting automatically approved, or manager approves it. It is based on the approval process flow one has defined.

7. Does SAM work in tandem with Jenkins? to expedite the Dev Ops process?

Using Jenkins, we have automated some of the routine jobs like code migration etc.With help of SAM, I understand that it can be used for DEV environment approvals. Assuming the testing goes fine, can SAM be used to approve code promotion to prod.

8. Can i approve the bugs in a batch?

No, bugs approval can be either through email or by logging into the application. So you need to traverse through each submission to review and approve. Batch approval defeats the purpose of having a governance process.

9. Is it true to say SAM is only approve and deploy in the same environment ? i.e. only DEV

SAM approval can be used in development environments primarily but can be used in production environment as well. You can configure SAM for multiple profiles, so can do deployment across multiple environments specially if there is parallel development. 

10. Would the seed data (ie LOV's, views, responsibilities etc) will be still done through ADM?  How would this be tied to a Workspace? For example, will the seed data get tagged with the Workspace ID/bug ID?

LOVs are Workspace enabled, so can be done through SAM. Others that are not Workspace enabled can't be done through SAM

11. How long has the Siebel CRM Development team at Oracle been using for the internal Siebel development?

Process has been used for the last few years as an internal tool, we decided to productize this for IP2017 based on customer feedback

...What was the prime need for development of Siebel Approval Manager? Is it because of Web Tools, better governance or bring tracking of features/issues inside Siebel?

SAM was developed to help with governance process. It becomes important with Web Tools and Composer but essentially helps with automation along with governance. SAM is for Siebel primarily but can be used with other solutions as well as long as they can be integrated via REST.

12. Can the Approve/Reject button can be used in another e mail client like Lotus Notes ?

As long as the client support HTML, it should work

13. Can the Approver see the content of the change he/she is reviewing?


14. Can Approval Manager be suppressed? If organization already has a change control mechanism laid out?

This is an optional tool for customers to use, if you already have one that is working for you, you can continue to use it

15. Is SAM running as an AOM in the Siebel Dev environment? We have a break fix environment which will support the production environment while new major builds would come out of development. Is there a best practice approach for handling this scenario?

SAM is a standalone application and is not running as an AOM

16. If multiple Tracking Systems are associated to a Project, does a Bug # search, automatically search the second tracking system if it cannot find results in the primary?

No. it depends on the profile and the profile will define which bug tracking system you are using for that profile.

17. Can SAM send notifications and cc people to give them a heads up but not require their approval?

Yes, that can be set up

18. Is the SAM function an optional role to have in the project life cycle? since Composer / Workspace dashboard has a delivery option logging in as Admin user that was demoed in the Composer Webcast?

Yes, you could integrate SAM with the delivery process for delivering workspaces

19. Can the SAM configuration be exported so that it can be reused for another implementation / project at another customer?

No, we don't have that capability currently

20. Do we need to setup all developers and managers related hierarchy or it will be automatically referred back to Siebel's org hierarchy?

You will need to set this up

21. Does SAM integrate with AD/LDAP?  Does it support MSSQL DB?

We are still looking at AD/LDAP integration. MSSQL is supported.

22. Can we sort the List of Approvals based on any field like Created Date?

It is sorted by Created Date as standard.

23. Can SAM support attachments/screenshots on the approval?

No, that would be added in the bug tracking system.

24. Can delivery artifacts be manually associated (e.g., uploading a Javascript file), or are they retrieved only through the configured Source Control Managers branch?

No, delivery artifacts can only be delivered through the Source Control System right now.

25. Can the “Order” field automatically display the next highest number?

That is an enhancement that we hope to add in the near future in one of our monthly releases

26. Does Siebel Approval Manager (SAM) run as an Application Object Manager (AOM) in the Siebel Development environment?   we have break fix environment which will support the production environment while a new major build would come from development.  Is there a best practice approach for handling this scenario?

SAM is a standalone application and is not running as an AOM

In general, our recommendation starting from IP17 is that any fix should come from a single source into the production environment and that single source should be your development master environment.

27. Does Siebel Approval Manager (SAM) control multiple Workspaces being modified by the development team? how are common objects which are being changed by multiple developers taken care of?

When multiple requests are submitted into Approval Manager for Workspace delivery for a given branch (MAIN or Integration), SAM will kick off the delivery of each Workspace using a command line option of Siebel Tools. If Siebel Tool detects any conflict during the mini IRM merge process, due to another Workspace change to the same object/attribute that is already delivered, SAM will update the request accordingly with Status = ‘Delivery Failed’, and also send a notification to the user who submitted the SAM request (assuming email or any other notifications mechanisms are configured) for the user to do a Rebase, resolve the conflicts, re-Submit the delivery and raise another SAM request for delivery.

28. With the Dynamic Gateway, can you apply/add binaries on the fly as well?

For patching via monthly Patch Sets, downtime will still be necessary to update binary files.


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