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Innovation Pack 17.0 FAQ - Cloud

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

It is now easier than ever to embrace Cloud Platform technology for your Siebel CRM deployment, reducing TCO and enabling your CRM application to have on-demand scalability.

Siebel CRM Cloud Platform FAQ

1. For an Oracle Cloud implementation, how can a partner get access and administer the cloud system?

A Cloud Administrator can use putty to connect to the machine to administer it.

2. Can we install Siebel CRM 17.x on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Yes, you can install Siebel CRM software on Microsoft Azure and AWS.

3. Will we have Siebel Cloud? is the application heading to a Siebel Cloud (SaaS)?

Siebel CRM is available to run in the cloud - but not available as a subscription service at this time.

Siebel CRM is not becoming a SaaS application; but by comparison, there will be hardly any difference in terms of agility with Siebel CRM 17.x in the Cloud. In addition, Siebel's 20+ years of robust scalability, deep integration capability and industry detail make it a very rich CRM cloud solution. With Siebel CRM, our customers have already paid for perpetual licenses, so there is no more application license costs to pay. Siebel CRM in the Cloud, reduces CapEx costs and transitions to an OpEx model. There are no restrictions on data amounts either (hidden costs).

4. How do we ensure that CPU limited On-Premise licenses are compliant with Cloud platforms?

Customers are responsible for ensuring compliance of all software they use on IaaS clouds is within the terms and conditions of license agreements.


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Comments ( 4 )
  • Venkat Friday, September 22, 2017
    Are there any changes in the installation process of Siebel on AWS with Siebel IP 2017.
  • Mark Farrier Tuesday, September 26, 2017
    While there is no change to install due to AWS specifically, the install of Siebel itself has completely changed for IP2017. Please review Siebel Install Guide for Siebel to familiarize yourself on how to now install Siebel for IP2017. Once you have the Siebel IP2017 build pulled from the Oracle Delivery cloud into your AWS VM, the documentation and steps should be exactly the same as in On Premise VM.
  • Ian Lewis Monday, February 22, 2021
    Can Siebel be installed in Azure? This document from Microsoft no longer makes mention of Siebel on Azure:
  • John Monday, March 22, 2021

    Yes Siebel CRM can be deployed to Azure and we have many customers doing that, as well as AWS.

    The preferred IaaS solution is of course Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Not only are the latest release of Siebel CRM fully tested only on OCI, but OCI is also the most cost-effective cloud: up to 35% lower TCO vs cost of onpremises, and up to 63% lower TCO than AWS over five years for Siebel CRM deployments.

    I would suggest to watch the Siebel CRM Virtual Summit sessions that related to Siebel CRM on Cloud.

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