Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

Highlights - Siebel CRM Virtual Summit 2020

With over 25 sessions, 20 customer speakers and 1000's of live attendees, the Oracle Siebel CRM Virtual Summit 2020 was a fantastic success. The virtual conference which ran for 3 weeks, exceeded expectations for those familiar with our annual OpenWorld conference. We were able to host more sessions than ever, provide more technical content from our experts and engage with more people across all time zones around the world.

Our big reveal this year was how Siebel CRM is blended into Oracle’s Digital Experience strategy, particularly for Industry solutions. As always, Oracle's investment was clearly evident with the Siebel CRM innovation roadmap out to at least 2031 and beyond, thus continuing to bust all myths and prove that Siebel CRM is truly alive and as vibrant as ever.

Siebel CRM helps lead the fight against COVID-19

Week 1 had George Jacob kick off the Virtual Summit with several recent customer success highlights and most importantly sharing Oracle’s contribution towards the fight against COVID-19 and the Siebel CRM Clinical Trials solution (CTMS). Perhaps it might surprise some knowing that the CTMS has for years been used by many top pharma companies and most of the COVID-19 clinical trials worldwide are being run on Siebel CRM. Our strategy session also provided an update on the Continuous Release Model and the new agile CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) pipelines in which the deployment focus has been shifted from costly big bang upgrades to more agile incremental updates - Rabobank leads the way here with daily updates. We continued with a deep dive into the major innovations that the Siebel CRM team have been actively working on, and what is next – with Siebel as a Service providing a foundation for future innovations and leveraging cloud native technologies.

Global Customer Leadership - Business ROI and Zero Downtime

We hosted two Customer Leadership Fireside Chats on Day 1, in what was a successful attempt to engage with both the Western and Eastern time zones. We heard from several customers – namely Airtel, American Airlines, Rabobank, Spark NZ and Telkomsel about their successful digital transformation strategies involving Siebel CRM as the core component. 

Achieving Siebel CRM Transformation Successfully

If you are looking to transform your Siebel CRM deployment and have a Customer Experience strategy, then the Digital Transformation session provided guidance on how to approach this successfully. John Bedford along with Aaron Shidler provided the bigger picture of transforming Siebel CRM into a complete Digital Experience platform with minimal risk, while preserving pre-built customizations. How might you prepare for the next potential paradigm shift once this pandemic is over? Build a solution stack that enables you to gain real insights and avoid a hairball of silo applications? We answered these key questions and provided insights into the various Cloud capabilities that can integrate with and augment Siebel CRM in the new normal digital era.

Innovations with Siebel Loyalty

Moving into Week 2, Yogendra Joshi hosted an interactive session with esteemed delegates from Saudi Telecom and Innovacx. Together, they took us through their successful Loyalty implementations and went on to describe how Siebel Loyalty continues to thrive as one of the world’s largest, most complex and profitable cross-industry loyalty platforms.

ROI Delivered with the Latest Release

We got a wholesome picture of the Siebel CRM application as it stands in 2020 and the key benefits that have provided solid ROI to our customers. By utilizing the latest innovations, customers are achieving tremendous agility, with near zero downtime and reduced TCO. If you are still looking for justification to upgrade to the latest release, this is it! Oracle's Siebel CRM partner, Ponder ProServe backed up the need to upgrade, with an amazing business transformation success story that was made possible by the innovations available in the latest release of Siebel. What’s more, if you're looking to find out how to get even more value from Oracle, Gregg Reno from Oracle Premier Support detailed exactly how customers can take advantage of the various Oracle teams, with some useful hints and tips on working with Support.


Announcing the New Cloud Native Siebel CRM

Chandan Dasgupta and Azahar Uddin, together introduced the next generation of the Siebel CRM architecture based on Cloud Native principles. They covered the entire journey detailing all the technical changes that will go into facilitating this new architecture, which is built for faster DevOps cycles amongst several other benefits.

Oracle Digital Experience for Communications (DX4C)

Himanshu Kashikar and Adam Naser announced the all new Oracle Digital Experience for Communications (DX4C) solution providing radical digital transformation in the experience economy but at the same time, not requiring a huge overhaul of existing Siebel CRM deployments. Alistair Small took us on a walk-through of the application and highlighted one example of a customer that serves as a strategic design partner for DX4C - Swisscom, market leader in Switzerland and incredibly focused on delivering the best customer experiences, is working closely with Oracle on the new Communications platform.

If you’re interested in learning more about Oracle DX4C, register for the upcoming Digital Experience for Communications live virtual event on October 30th to see how Siebel CRM customers can co-exist and seamlessly evolve their CRM platform, leveraging their current investments to drive future innovation and modernization.

American Airlines Achieves Digital Transformation to Oracle Cloud

There were two sessions dedicated to American Airlines in Week 2. The first one covered American Airlines’ journey and transformation to Oracle Cloud. We had Sachin Shah and Husam Azma from the Oracle Advanced Customer Services (ACS) team explain that by collaborating with Oracle ACS, American Airlines was able to successfully move their business-critical sales reservation system safely and efficiently to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Using automation and DevOps whilst maintaining business continuity throughout the entire transition, enabled AA to rapidly reap the economic, performance and security benefits of Oracle Cloud.

The second session took us on a technical journey of the successful upgrade of American Airlines’ Siebel Loyalty platform (referred to as Ventana) which was accelerated with Oracle Cloud technologies, and assisted by Cognizant as their implementation partner. Post-upgrade, AA saw a distinct improvement in performance within several of their Loyalty functionalities – namely a 50% increase in some of their key web services and application processes as well as an average of a 60% reduction in the batch cycles completion time.

Industry Leadership & Customer Success

Through most of the second week, we highlighted through our fantastic customer guest speakers how the Siebel CRM platform is allowing organizations to empower customer experience in the new normal. Within the Communications, Financial Services, Public Sector, Automotive and Health Sciences industries, Siebel CRM provides the most comprehensive integrated solution across the CX value chain be it sales, marketing, service or loyalty. We had the privilege to hear from some of our esteemed customers and partners – such as Airtel, Vodafone, Ontario Government, KeyBank, Riverland Reply – as they shared their successful Siebel CRM transformation stories respective to each of the above industries.

Enhanced UX with Siebel Mobile and Open UI

Week 3 took us through several exciting technical deep-dive sessions starting right off with the new Redwood UX themed mobile application. Raj Aggarwal signified the need of having an always on, connected mobile solution that improves user productivity, and this can be achieved with the new Siebel Mobile application. Even more importantly, the UX framework allows existing customization to be re-used on the mobile device without a massive configuration effort.

As well as a demo of the new Smartphone UX, we heard from Accenture who built a fantastic mobile application for field personnel at Netherland’s Raad voor de Kinderbescherming (RvdK).

In our Siebel Open UI session, we highlighted the importance of a minimal, simplified, de-cluttered UI which has proven benefits in reducing user stress while improving their overall experience. We were fortunate to hear from Desjardins, along with a demo of their outstanding UX transformation project called Desjardins E Power. Definitely a demo to check out - it spotlights entrepreneurs at the core, and all relevant UX functionalities around the entrepreneur. In order to achieve this vision, Desjardins along with their partner Dymensions, leveraged our Open UI best practices, as well as Siebel CRM native features.

Reduce TCO with Siebel Containerization

Mark Farrier presented the benefits of adopting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the various OCI offerings that are available for Siebel and also detailed how the Siebel CRM application can be moved to the Cloud, etaining all integrations and customizations, pre-installed and fully supported, at surprisingly reduced costs – Siebel on OCI costs 35% less than on-premise and 51% less than AWS!

Siebel CRM Release Containers are being created with every Siebel CRM Release Update and are already available in the Cloud. Duncan Ford explained the key benefits of Siebel containerization and how it provides a stepping stone to running Siebel on Kubernetes. Kubernetes and containerization have changed the way we think about datacenter architecture and application development. We also briefly introduced the Siebel OCI Cloud Manager that was created specifically to accelerate the deployment of Siebel on OCI.

Enterprise CRM - Proven & Reliable

Siebel CRM is renowned for the ability to deliver enterprise CRM at extreme scale even for the most highly customized applications. In this session, we covered the highly scalable architecture and shared some amazing insights of extreme performance, scalability and reliability from global implementations. One such example is our biggest deployment in the world at Sberbank having 120k concurrent users across their retail and corporate sectors.

Another core competence of Siebel CRM is the various highly scalable integration options that are available. A review of these options, including benefits and best practices were covered in our Siebel Integration session. Guest speaker Australian Department of Home Affairs shared their secrets to counter integration challenges in complex integration environments.

Agnes Zhang provided details on how to effectively monitor 24/7 enterprise CRM deployments with Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM). Our guest speaker presented a case study from Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada who monitor over 20 Siebel CRM enterprise deployments. Bogdan Petcu from Oracle Support gave an overview of our Smart Sensors innovation, which coupled with OEM, provides for an excellent pro-active automated monitoring and detection system.

One of our most recent innovations – the Siebel Modular Deployment Engine (MDE) was covered in detail in our final session, a cumulative installer that allows you to jump to the latest release via a very simplified process thus making Siebel CRM deployments extremely easy, both on-premise and in the cloud. 

Agile Development 

One of the most talked about areas of the Siebel CRM application in recent years is Developer Experience. Recent innovations in Web Tools with parallel development and Workspaces have dramatically improved agility and developer productivity. Brian Kelly gave us a walk-through and best practices for using Workspaces along with Application Migration. While Workspaces provides a sandbox solution for developing and testing out configuration without affecting other users, Migration augments the Workspaces model, and together they offer a mechanism to incrementally update downstream environments.

Once configurations have been migrated to other environments, Automated Testing is necessary. Suneel Joshi and Kunal Kumar provided a detailed review of Siebel CRM’s Test Automation capability, a built-in framework for end-to-end test execution. Test Automation can be weaved into the CI/CD processes using the Siebel Web Services REST API. This results in increased productivity and ROI. 

With that, we wrapped up 3 weeks of our inaugural Siebel CRM Virtual Summit. We are grateful to have had this opportunity to share our latest roadmap and innovations with our customers and partners and we’re extremely glad to have been able to reach such a vast audience across geographies.

Watch the Replays

All the webinar sessions from the Virtual Summit have been recorded and are being published on the event page

If you would like to further accelerate your plans for Siebel CRM transformation, or want to provide feedback on our latest release, then please take the Siebel CRM Innovation Survey.

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