Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

Customer Leadership - Improving ROI

George Jacob hosted a “fireside chat” at the Siebel CRM Virtual Summit, with three of our esteemed Siebel CRM customers from the APAC region - Spark NZ, Telkomsel and Indian Oil. The central theme being business value and ROI. We heard about their current Siebel CRM implementation, transformational journeys, best practices as well as the associated benefits that Siebel CRM provides.

Spark NZ - Extreme Agility

Spark was one of the first adopters of Innovation Pack 2017 (currently on the 19.7 release) and also the first to deploy Siebel CRM updates during business hours with zero-downtime. Ashish Hora from Spark presented their CRM architecture, a converged omni-channel platform of multiple CRM systems’ capabilities where Siebel serves as the CRM foundation. Spark was able to adopt a full-scale Agile way of working with their specific model, where they successfully achieved parallel development, zero-downtime deployments, automation with Azure DevOps as well as continuous deployment & delivery into their integrated environments. Spark saw ROI comprising:

  • 30% reduction in operation costs and 20% reduction in hardware costs by being able to decommission multiple environments.
  • 50% reduction in handling time and other significant performance improvements with React UI enhancements.

Telkomsel - Digital Transformation during pandemic lockdown

Telkomsel is the largest telco provider in Indonesia, supporting 160M+ subscribers out of a total population of 260M. Nugroho from Telkomsel shared with us their CRM journey, migrating from a legacy system to Siebel CRM which went live earlier this year while under lockdown restrictions. Despite all the IT staff working remotely, they achieved a flawless cut over, which is further testament to the recent agility features provided in the latest Siebel CRM releases.

They follow a key principle - never replace/change your CRM unless there’s an urgent need to do so. Nugroho explained the business and technical challenges they were facing - such as a monolithic architecture, excessive time-to-market and high TCO - which prompted and guided them into a much-needed CRM modernization by migrating to the Siebel CRM platform. The resulting ROI:

  • Increased productivity, enhanced performance, reduced execution & response times.
  • A new order success rate of 100% with considerably lower TCO.
  • Ability to now process ~2000 transactions per second and millions of batch records every day.

IndianOil - Extreme Scale

Indian Oil is the largest oil company in India and one of the best examples of delivering Siebel CRM at extreme scale. With 32k employee users (on the way to 60k), 50 TB of data and serving 200M customers & 21M Loyalty members daily, on just one instance of Siebel CRM, this is one of the largest Dealer Management Customer Experience platforms in the world.

VNK Reddy from IndianOil walked us through their strategic digital transformation vision of an omni-channel, 360-degree customer view and next-gen customer experience platform serving all products. Named ePIC: Electronic Platform for IndianOil Customers, it consists of 3 customized native applications unique to the customer, the partner and the employee. With the implementation of ePIC, IndianOil realized tremendous business benefits:

  • The ability to process 3.5M bookings per day.
  • A phenomenal 400% improvement in issue resolution time where out of 60k SRs created daily they are able to close 90% on the very same day.
  • Most importantly, this solution powered the “Largest Cash Benefit Program” as recognized by the Guinness Book of World records, with Direct Benefit transfer affecting over 125M households in India during the pandemic.

You can watch this entire webinar replay or download the presentation here. The events page provides easy access to all the other sessions in the Siebel CRM Virtual Summit.

If you would like to further accelerate your plans for Siebel CRM transformation, or want to provide feedback on our latest release, then please take the Siebel CRM Innovation Survey.

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