Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

Customer Leadership - Achieving Zero-Downtime

In our recent Virtual Summit, George Jacob hosted a fireside chat with three of our illustrious Siebel CRM customers - American Airlines, Bharti Airtel and Rabobank, with the central theme being zero-downtime. We heard about their current Siebel CRM implementation, transformational journeys, best practices and the associated benefits.

American Airlines - Siebel Loyalty Success

Jason MacZura from American Airlines, our largest Siebel Loyalty customer with over 100M members, give us an insight into their Siebel CRM initiatives for 2020, which focused on upgrades, migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), automation and adopting CI-CD pipelines. AA has two distinct installations of Siebel CRM: One for Loyalty (called Ventana), a high-volume, highly scalable application, processing up to 30M inbound web service requests and more than 100k transactions daily. The application runs partially on OCI and partially on-premise; The second enterprise (called Siebel Platform Applications or SPA), is a common platform for various business groups within the company. Both Siebel Enterprises have one thing in common - they both leverage the Siebel Migration Application via an Automated DevOps Pipeline. With this upgrade, AA was able to achieve a predominantly automated architecture and have realized several business benefits, the biggest one being zero-downtime for most of their deployments and being always ready to release the next set of business requirements.

Airtel - Siebel CRM Transformation

Nathan Phipps, CIO at Bharti Airtel, walked us through three of their CRM transformation journeys. The first was for Postpaid Mobility with 11M transactions per day and 187 custom views, this project proved to be extremely complex but by the end of it, Airtel was able to achieve a 95% reduction in customer issues with a dramatic reduction in response time and a single view for all customers (retail, B2B, M2M) across the organization. With a very stable platform they are now able to deploy every fortnight or if need be, weekly as well. The second application is for Airtel’s Satellite TV (Direct-To-Home, DTH) market which they deployed and migrated to in under 6 months as opposed to the first application which took 2 years. It was one of the fastest full CRM migrations they had witnessed, successfully achieving minimal disruption and agile process changes. The third is their Lead Management platform which they consolidated into a single, unified platform and can now process 100k leads per day. Implementation of the CI-CD pipeline enabled Airtel to achieve over 16k automated deployments with near zero-downtime operational agility.

Rabobank - Daily Deployments of Siebel CRM

René Oosterom from Rabobank, shared with us the much-awaited details on how they were able to achieve daily deployments of Siebel CRM. Rabobank uses the Siebel Financial Services application for almost 25k users and processes 2.5M transactions per day. By upgrading to Siebel CRM 19.7, and taking advantage of the CI-CD pipeline and other functionalities, Rabobank has adopted a truly agile way of working. There are no more large implementation projects and they now have right-sized automated testing through the decomposition of all work into smaller agile projects, to achieve maximum speed. They initially started with quarterly releases, moved ahead to fortnightly releases, and as of August, 2020 they have achieved automated daily releases, with a 'daily train leaves the station’ model.

The three case studies from global industry leaders really illustrate the ROI delivered from the latest Siebel CRM release. At Oracle we are proud to hear these fantastic results and support their transformation journey with Siebel CRM.

You can watch this entire webinar here or download the presentation here. You can also visit the events page to access all the other Virtual Summit session replays.

If you would like to further accelerate your plans for Siebel CRM transformation, or want to provide feedback on our latest release, then please take the Siebel CRM Innovation Survey.

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