Wednesday Apr 18, 2012

7420 SPEC SFS Torches EMC/Isilon, Netapp, HDS Comparables


Another SPECsfs submission, and another confirmation that ZFSSA is a force to be reckoned with in the NFS world. The Oracle ZFSSA continues to astound with its performance benchmark numbers. Today Oracle posted the anticipated SPECsfs benchmark numbers for the 7420 that simply leave you wondering HOW?  How is Oracle technology so much faster, cost effective and efficient than the competition? I say efficient because Oracle continues to post impressive performance benchmarks surpassing competitor’s multi-million dollar configurations with 2-5X lower price points.


For this comparison, I grabbed the top 2-node 6240 Netapp cluster, a recent Hitachi/Bluearc submission as well as a 28 node SSD Isilon cluster (not really realistic). The Netapp is fairly close in terms of number of drives and number of controllers which makes it a good comparison. However, the ZFSSA provides 40% more performance than the 6240 at a $700,000 lower price point!!  This doesn't even factor in maintenance costs, extra software licensing and its lack of DTrace Analytics.  I will demo these in an upcoming post. 

Another interesting point if you dig into the details, during NetApp’s max 190k IOPS their latency is 3.6ms , on the other hand the ZFSSA has only 1.7ms latency for 202k IOPS.  That means with the same 190k IOPS workload Oracle would respond over 2x faster!  I threw Isilon in the mix because they refuse to post to SPC2 even though they are usually purchased for high bandwidth applications. They are over $2 Million dollars more than the ZFSSA for still posting lower performance. Hitachi is included due to market perception they have a competitive NFS system for performance.

All the links below on the respective system name will take you to the detailed summary.  Including hardware setup and raid type etc..  The 7420 in this case was mirrored.

 Storage System
SPEC SFS Result ops/sec (Higher is Better)
Peak Response Time (Lower is Better)  Overall Response time (Lower is Better)  # of Disks Exported TB  Estimated List Price  $/IOPS
Oracle 7420 267928  3.1  1.31  280  36.32 $430,332 $ 1.61
Netapp 6240 - 4n 260388 4.8 1.53 288 48 $1,606,048 $ 6.17
Isilon S200 - 28n 230782 7.8 3.20 672 172.3 $2,453,708 $ 10.63
Netapp 6240 190675 3.6 1.17 288 85.8 $1,178,868 $ 6.18
Hitachi 3090-G2 189994 9.5 2.08 368 36.95 ? ?
Netapp 3270 101183 4.3 1.66 360 110.08 $1,089,785 $10.77

Fast Databases, Servers, Sailboats and NFS Storage Systems

So not only do we have some of the fastest sailboats in the world, we also have some of the fastest NFS Storage Systems as well.  You could say we have a Storage benchmark Trifecta.  We have some of the top benchmarks in SPECsfs, SPC1 and SPC2.  Take a ZFSSA for a test ride today, improve performance and lower your storage costs.

Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

ZFSSA Storage Stomps IBM DS8800 and XIV

Another benchmark completed by the ZFSSA engineering team with astounding results.  This is becoming expected and usual around Oracle these days.  This is the 3rd major benchmark for the ZFSSA in the last 7 months.  Oracle released the SPC2 benchmark which scored 10,704 MBPS and earned a 2nd place in performance and 1st in terms of $/MBPS by a long margin, especially against the IBM systems also on the top 10.  The HP P9500 currently holds the number 1 position in terms of performance but is more than 2x the cost of the Oracle solution. In addition I don’t believe the HP solution has any compression capabilities, which is another significant advantage of the ZFSSA.

 MBPS  System Cost
Oracle 7420  10704  $ 377,225.38
IBM DS8800  9706  $ 2,624,257.00
IBM XIV  7468  $ 1,137,641.30

EMC and Netapp both choose not to participate in this benchmark.  I can only guess this is likely because they would have to share their $/MBPS and might not make them look so shiny anymore.  I think they may say that the configs posted are ridiculous and would never be purchased by the common customer.  There is certainly some truth to that even with their previous SPEC SFS submissions. However, this is not an issue with the oracle submission, our tested system is both within reason and practicality of what a typical customer would purchase.  Benchmarks provide a valuable resource for customers to see how the same workload works on each vendor's box without doing an in-house disruptive POC bake off.  It is unfortunate, not all vendors submit results for this and other benchmarks.

The massive performance and aggressive price points reflected in this benchmark adds to the increasing number of reasons to consider the ZFS Storage Appliance for any of your upcoming SAN or NAS storage projects.

Tuesday Apr 10, 2012

Hybrid Columnar Compression Demo Speeds Up DB Queries 6x, Reduces Space 35x

Check out this demo of the ZFSSA with HCC compression and see both space savings and performance increase.


Various information about Oracle Storage.


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