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Working with Batch REST Calls to Business Objects in Visual Builder

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

In a previous blog post I showed the basics of working with the REST interfaces to manipulate data in business objects in Visual Builder. There is one more technique that I wanted to cover, and that is for executing multiple operations on multiple records and objects with a single REST call - what we refer to as batch operation. See the "Making Batch Requests" section in our doc.

Using this approach can of course improve the performance of your application when you need to manipulate multiple records. For example, if you worked with an editable table and then wanted to save all the changed records with a single REST call - you could construct the required json structure and execute all the updates at once. The important things to watch for are the required Content-Type header application/vnd.oracle.adf.batch+json , the use of a POST operation, and the fact that you access the root URL for your service. Then of course keep an eye on constructing the JSON payload correctly.

See the demo below for an example of performing various CRUD operations in one go.

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