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  • June 1, 2007

Which Conference Should a JDeveloper Developer Attend?

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

So you are a JDeveloper user and you are wondering which conference to go to. I'm assuming you can only afford to go to one or two big conferences a year (not counting things like local Oracle/Java user groups) - so how do you choose the one to go to?

Well first there are the generic Java conferences such as JavaOne, TheServerSide Symposium, JavaPolis etc - well these are great if you want to know what is new in the overall Java world - but to be frank they might not be immediately relevant to your day-to-day work - you won't get many session specific to JDeveloper and ADF there.

Another issue is that you'll have a hard time finding the JDeveloper users in those conferences, and after all a lot of the value with conferences is the opportunity to interact with your peers and exchange war stories and learn from other people's experience.

So what are the other options out there?

Well there is the Oracle Develop Conference - It started at Oracle Open World SF last year and is right now in the middle of the world tour - we just finish running it in APAC and we are hitting Europe next. This conference is good if you are just starting up with JDeveloper and ADF - it will give you introduction to such things as JSF, EJB 3.0,Web Services and ADF and it also has some great hands-on labs. And you also get a chance to look into the SOA offering and the latest news in the database area.

More info here

Note that the world wide events doesn't contain the full list of session we ran in the main US event as part of OOW-SF, so if you have the option to travel - I would recommend attending the event that runs in parallel to Oracle Open World. Last year for example we had some more deep sessions about ADF tuning, JDeveloper tips etc.

Another option is the ODTUG conference (named kaleidoscope this year) which I'm going to be in this year for the first time. However from what I hear this is probably one of the more technical conferences you can attend. The spin here is that you get most of the lectures from other users. Looking at the list of sessions they have this years there are multiple sessions given by JDeveloper users that will probably be of interest to you.

From the Oracle perspective we are going to do a deep dive on the ADF binding layer as well as several sessions on the upcoming features in release 11.

Still the missing conference that I would love to see is a specific conference dedicated solely to JDeveloper and ADF. Something that will have even more in-depth sessions and knowledge sharing.

ODTUG ran such a conference for PL/SQL developers and one for Application Express developer, and are considering one for Forms developers - wouldn't it be great to get such a conference for JDeveloper developers?

If you think you would attend such a conference - let them know. Or just leave a comment here and I'll forward it to them.

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Comments ( 5 )
  • Srinivas Friday, June 1, 2007
    i would give anything to attend Jdeveloper ADF conference. Hopefully this happens sometime soon in US
    Best Regards
  • Sebastien Friday, June 1, 2007
    I think there's a lot of people like me who are very interested in all those presentations and workshop especially ODTUG Conference. Can we expect the presentations or better webcasts to be put online afterwards ?
  • Jan Vervecken Thursday, June 7, 2007
    Might be a nice idea Shay.
    If such a "JDeveloper and ADF conference" can be organized, it would prove there is critical mass for something worthy of calling "a community" around these tools and technology.
    Jan Vervecken
  • Sree Thursday, June 28, 2007
    I think that is a wonderful idea. It is better than us getting information in bits and pieces from different conferences. Also most people don't have the luxury to attend multiple conferences, so if there is one dedicated just for Jdeveloper & ADF that would be great.
  • Cindy Terry Wednesday, November 14, 2007
    I also think a JDeveloper/ADF conference would be great. Since I am working almost exclusively with this product, it would be something that I would have a good chance of attending. The larger conferences are good too, but if there are only a couple of sessions in my area, I probably could not attend. Thank heavens for the JDeveloper Forum!
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