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  • October 21, 2004

Sweet home Chicago...

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

"Oh baby don't you wanna go

Back to that same old place

Sweet home Chicago" - Robert Johnson (and later the blues brothers).

So I'm finishing my preperation for the Oracle Developer Days Session I'm going to deliver next week in Chicago.

One new thing this time is that I'll be using a Mac to do my parts of the session.

So, I had a mac to play with for the last week, and I'm getting to like it more and more.

I played around with video editing over the weekend and it is realy simple.

Firefox, thunderbird and VPN worked without a hitch, so I'm all set to use it while on the road and still keep in touch with the office.

And over the week I set up the Mac as a serious development platform.

Running An Oracle 10g DB and Oracle JDeveloper 10g. The thing works quite well. And it look nicer then your average PC (No surprise here).

Who knows, this experience might actually convince me to trade my current pc for a mac.

Anyway if you are in the chicago area - you don't want to miss this session - real good technical content

Register for free here:


Anyone knows of good blues shows on the 25/26 ?

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