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Should There Be a Conference Just for ADF Developers?

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

Sometime I wonder if we should have a conference dedicated to just ADF/JDeveloper.

I imagine something like a 3 day event where you can come in and attend sessions delivered by experts and product managers. A conference where you can get sessions that will teach you new things about ADF whether you are just a beginner or whether you are an advanced user. Maybe we'll even do some hands-on labs on new features and to get people started working with JDeveloper, and maybe even have on site ADF certification testing. We can even have a night where we all get together for a little party in a pub and just network.

Would you come to such a conference if it existed?

Well turns out there is such a conference, and it is even better than the above description

It is 6 days long, it has over 60 sessions about ADF (that's 10 per day), it has labs, it has birds-of-a-feather, and it has certification tests. The speakers are all the key Oracle ACEs, the ADF Enterprise Methodology Group leaders, customers with real life experience, and of course product managers. And it has 3 big networking events in the evening where we can all get
together and network while listening to Tom Petty and Sting playing

It is called Oracle OpenWorld.

Yes - you might have missed it thinking that OOW is all about the database and Apps, but if you look at the list of ADF specific session and labs - you'll see that there is lots of content especially for you. I think this makes Oracle OpenWorld the most important conference for an ADF developer to attend. So if you haven't considered it yet - you still have two weeks to register arrange your flights and come and join us.

See you in San-Francisco.

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Comments ( 3 )
  • guest Friday, September 16, 2011

    I think you guys have to stop this kind false marketing . i saw blog posts like this and convinced by boss to send me there and now that i scheduled my sessions i am dissppointed, this is my first time and it is going to be last time as well .

    you may have 60 sessions in total but , what is the use , you guys scheduled all important sessions on the same hour . you may have 1000 sessions , but if you run in the same hour , it is no more good than 1 session conferenace

    why do i have to sit in keynotes for 2 hours each day , why cannot you guys schedule some sessions at that time as well


  • Shay Friday, September 16, 2011

    Guest, multiple sessions at the same time are something we have to leave with given that we only have 6 days with about 5 slots each days for session and double that number of actual sessions we want to run.

    We are trying to have the session that run at the same time target different audience - so for example the first slot on Monday has one session that targets Forms customers who are looking for a high level picture of their direction and in parallel there is a technical session about security that will probably be relevant to people who already decided to go the ADF route and need specific details.

    It's not always perfect, and our team doesn't have full control over placement but having too much choice is something I would consider to be good.

    As far as keynotes - all I can say is that an event like this needs big sponsors - otherwise tickets would be at least double the price - and those sponsors basically pay to get exclusive time to present.

    If you don't like the keynote - I would suggest just hanging around the demoground and talking to product managers, or the near by starbucks where you can probably find a colleague and exchange ideas. A conference is much more than just sessions.

    Anyway - I agree that it's important to do your session attendance planning ahead of time to get the maximum out of the event. I also think that if this is your first OOW, you might want to wait with judging the event until after it is done. With and event of this size, you sometime find yourself looking for a 2 hour break to let your brain catch-up, and sitting in a keynote might just be the perfect opportunity for this :-)

  • guest Saturday, September 17, 2011

    Yes, i agree with every thing you say. just that there are some sessions i really like to attend and not able to attend. for example on thursday 12:00 PM there are multiple sessions like to attend and can only be at one place:) . sorry for what i said before

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