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  • May 6, 2005

Most popular URLs for IOUG

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

I'm back from IOUG where among other things I was doing shifts in the JDeveloper demo station. It turs out that for a lot of the people who came by I ended up showing something out on OTN. So here is the list of most visited pages for the IOUG audience broken by the type of question.

Q: We are using Forms (or Designer) and we figured out we should start looking into this J2EE thing...

A: Go to the new J2EE for Forms/Designer people section: http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/jdev/collateral/4gl/formsdesignerj2ee.html

Q: I saw your presentation about choosing UIs for Web applications where can I get more information about JSF? (this is also a reply to all the people who came and asked about should we start learning JSP now)

A: Check out the JSF page on OTN for resources to get you started http://otn.oracle.com/jsf

Q: We were at a lecture by someone not from Oracle who said that Oracle Forms is dead...

A: Get the facts straight from the source - Read the Oracle Tools SOD.

Q: We are running Forms in client server (or character mode) and we need to move to the Web. (sometimes this is appended with "should we rewrite in Java").

A: Get to know the simplicity of upgrading Forms to the Web - It's simpler than you thought

Q: So what does this JDeveloper thing do? What is this ADF that we hear about? How do you build Java applications with this tool?

A: Check out the overview papers and the online demos of JDeveloper on the JDeveloper home page

So if you visited me at the booth and didn't get a chance to write the URL I showed you - most chances are that it is in the above list.

Still missing a piece of information - write and let me know.


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