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  • April 25, 2006

More people who prefer JDeveloper

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

Just came across two more quotes of people who compared JDeveloper to other IDEs such as Netbeans and Eclipse and found that JDeveloper suites their needs.

So here are two more quotes to our non-existing "Switch to JDeveloper" campaign.

Josh Juneau wrote in his blog:

"Recently, I've become an avid user of the Oracle JDeveloper IDE. I must say...it rocks! I was not so easily persuaded into using the IDE though. As a matter of fact, I downright despised JDeveloper for some time...that was a HUGE mistake on my part....."

Andrew Binstock from InfoWorld wrote this in Javaworld as part of his netbeans review:

"The fastest and probably the smoothest of the free Java IDEs, JDeveloper continues to evolve quietly. This quiet is due to Oracle's peculiar policy of not letting tools have higher release numbers than the core DBMS. As a result, JDeveloper 10.1.3 looks like a minor point release. It's not, it's much bigger than that.

This version has excellent database support (naturally), very good built-in modeling tools, terrific J2EE deployment capabilities, extensive Web services functionality (including a SOAP monitor), plus state-of-the-art support for JavaServer Faces (JSF), the sequel to Struts. In addition, the product's code auditing and code suggestions are second to none. Although it lacks NetBeans' collaboration and the slick Matisse GUI builder, I believe JDeveloper is the most feature-rich free Java IDE available today. "

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