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Managing Files/Folder in Content Repositories or File Systems with Oracle ADF and WebCenter

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

One more entry in a set of entries (1,2,3) about the capabilities that WebCenter adds to ADF applications.

WebCenter is basically the new Portal framework in the Oracle stack - and one key thing that portals do is work with content, allowing you to compose and publish content from files as well as save and store content.

In this demo you'll see how using a set of taskflows provided by WebCenter you can add a file management, creation and viewing capabilities to a regular ADF application. To try this out you don't need any fancy content management system - we'll just use your file system for now.

All you need is the WebCenter extension installed in JDeveloper, and then you can follow the demo on your own JDeveloper instance.

You'll define a connection to your content repository you'll be able to add a bunch of pre-built WebCenter taskflows into your page. And suddenly you can upload/download/create and view document directly from your applicaiton.

Check it out:

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