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Leveraging "On Field Value Changes" Event in Visual Builder Cloud Service - Redone

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

With the new Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) released this month, some of my past how-to's that shows tricks in VBCS are no longer valid/needed.

The direct access we provide to both REST services and the UI components in your application make things that in the past required code or hacking much simpler.

Here is one example - reacting to value change events on fields and modifying other UI components based on them.

Input component have a "value" event that you can hook into and provide an action chain that will be executed when the value change.

In the video below you see for example how I can use a value selected in a drop down list to control whether other components on the page are shown or hidden.

[update Sep-18 - there is a better way to show/hide a component - it is using the oj-bind-if component. You can right-click any component in your UI and choose to surround it with a bind-if option. Once you do this you can assign that tag to be based on a boolean variable that you set to true/false in an event like the video below. More on this here]

To do this, you define a page variable that you can change in the "value" event. You can then rely on that page variable to control another component behavior.

As you can see - no coding needed - just drag and drop your way to create the functionality.

action chain



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