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  • April 14, 2006

JDeveloper Service Update 2 is out

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

The new service update fixes several bugs - so it is worth while installing. Just go to help->check for updates and you'll see it under the Official Oracle Extensions part.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Hisham MK Sunday, April 16, 2006
    Hi Shay,
    I posted a question yesterday, but not here today ...
    Just want to ask how to reset the JDeveloper configurations since I can't restart it after installing some updates. It just hang there after the splash screen.
  • Peter Lorenzen Monday, April 17, 2006
    Hi Shay,
    When I click in "Show upgrades only" I only see this: VCS Framework Extension If I don’t click it se lots of updates among others JDeveloper Service update 1 and 2. Is this the way it is supposed to work? If it is I don’t get it. :-)
    After you have installed the upgrades you have to restart JDeveloper. When it restarts you are prompted for: Would you like to migrate from a previous version of JDeveloper. In the beginning this is a bit confusing because you are not certain if this is a part of the way you upgrade or not. I would be nice with a help button for stupid users like that explained when to press Yes and when not to.
    Regards Peter Lorenzen
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