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  • July 1, 2005

Javaone - Back to the Basics

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

At least half of my time at Javaone was spent in the "Agile Development" JDeveloper booth.

To me, The point of this booth can be titled "back to the basics" - it was all about basic Java development.

Let me explain. Usually when you have 5 minutes to show off JDeveloper you do a demo of ADF, to show how it simplifies building an end-to-end applicaiton.

But we realized that part of the Javaone audience wouldn't be interested in another J2EE framework, since they might already have their own. (If they were interested in ADF they just had to go to the station next to mine). So my station was there to show how JDeveloper can help them do what ever they are doing now but faste and better.

My first question to anyone who came near my booth was: "what type of Java development do you do?"

If they answered Swing I showed them the visual Swing editor, and the unique UI debugger in JDeveloper.

If they answered JSP/Struts I showed them the visual editor and Struts page flow editor, and the JSP tags capabilities.

If they answered JSF I showed the visual JSF page and flow editors (and directed them to the JSF booth :-)

I also made sure to show everyone some of our new coding features (refactoring, JDK 5.0, dynamic code templates etc).

As well as mention UML diagrams that are in synch with the code, XML features, Code profilers, Code Audits, DB development, etc...

Many people also wanted to see our Junit support as well as our Ant support - which I was happy to show.

So overall I can safely say that even without ADF, JDeveloper has a lot to offer to any type of developer.

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