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  • April 23, 2010

Doing two Declarative Operations with One Button

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

You can file the below video under "things that get asked on OTN a lot".

With ADF it is very easy to drag an operation to a page to create a button that activate it.

But what if you want a single button to invoke two operations? For example have a button that does a "Delete" as well as a "Commit".

The way to do it is to add an action binding, and then overwrite the button function in a backing bean to call the additional action.

The nice thing is that JDeveloper will create all the binding code for you in the backing bean - all you need to do is duplicate it.

Here is a quick demo:

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Comments ( 2 )
  • guest Sunday, August 7, 2011


    Very useful post. Thank you !

    I have 2 tables

    create table Master1 (key number, headerdesc varchar2(10));

    create table detail1 (head_key number, sequence number, detaildesc varchar2(10));

    Need is to display/insert/edit/delete all the (2 from master+3 from detail) 5 fields in one shot.

    Created 2 EOs/VOs for Master1 and detail1 and (VO1,VO2)

    created an association between master1 and detail

    on master1.key = detail1.head_key (1 to many)

    and also created a updatable view link.

    Then created another VO combining both master+detail entities VO3.

    Added this VO3 (has 5 fields from EO1 and EO2) from data control to test.jspx

    and added a "CreateInsert" button from VO3 also.

    When I run

    > all 5 fields are editable and get committed nicely

    > BUT when I click on the "CreateInsert" button only 3 fields of the total 5 are enterable.

    Why please? How can I make all the 5 fields enterable so that I can insert them?


  • Ziner Wednesday, January 30, 2013

    Hi, Good day. I also stack that point for a very long time. The way that I could solve that issue

    " BUT when I click on the "CreateInsert" button only 3 fields of the total 5 are enterable."

    Kindly follow the below steps :

    1. Create a task flow.

    2. At the Start Page of the task flow, drag Method Call (Component Palette)

    3. In that task flow then drag the 'Create' / 'Create Insert' operation from the respective Data Controls.

    Should you have any inquiry, kindly don't hesitate to contact or mail me.

    Thanks, ziner80@yahoo.com

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