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Book Review - Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development Made Simple (Second Edition)

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

I got a copy of the new edition of Sten Vesterli's book about enterprise development with ADF, so I wanted to give a quick review update. I reviewed the first edition three years ago - and you can read that review here.

The second edition is not drastically different from the first one, and it shouldn't be. Most of the best practices that Sten pointed out in his original book still apply today. What might have changed a bit over the years are some of the tools used by enterprises to manage their application - and this is what some of  the updates are about - for example in addition to covering Subversion there is a Git section now. In addition Sten incorporate a few more architectural and conceptual bits and pieces that he collected over the past three years working with various customers. 

If you want to get a video summary of the type of topics Sten covers in this books you can watch this seminar he recorded for one of our virtual developer days

This is definitely a book that should be part of the reading material for groups about to embark on Oracle ADF development project - it will save them from some common mistakes and will put them on the right track to a well structured project and team.

It is worthwhile mentioning also that over the past year we at Oracle have been quite actively increasing the amount of material we are producing around those aspects and we centralize them in our ADF Architecture Square on OTN.

If you haven't visited that site or subscribed to the ADF Architecture YouTube channel - it's time you'll do this to. 

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