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Accessing remote databases from Oracle MAF with the TopLink/EclipseLink REST CRUD Services

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

In the last post I showed you how simple it is to expose CRUD REST operations on your database with TopLink/EclipseLink.

The next logical step is to then consume those with Oracle MAF to build a mobile application.

This is quite simple with the REST data control. All you need to do is just map the right URLs and create the operation.

Here is a quick demo:

One trick I show in the demo is how to delay the call to a REST service until the user actually provides a value to a parameter. A common issue people have when they have the parameter form and the results on the same page. The solution is easy using the refresh condition of the executables of the page and using the "ne null" check on the parameter value. 

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  • guest Wednesday, August 6, 2014

    As an addition to Shay's demo: If you prefer using a JSON payload rather than XML, and/or you need offline and data sync capabilities you can use the A-Team mobile persistence extension to consume the TopLink/EclispeLink data services in MAF. See this article on A-Team chronicles:


    The functionality of this persistence extension will be merged into the core MAF product later this year.

    Steven Davelaar.

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