Monday Jul 27, 2009

Netbeans 6.5 not show GUI and hangs

Netbeans 6.5 having the problem of startup while using JSF components and GUI does not show up on the Desktop.
Home Log file of Netbeans IDE has ~/.netbeans/6.5/var/log/messages.log
ALL [null]: Source: MultiFileObject@1633949[Windows2Local/Components/MultiView-PageFlow#007CXML#007C.settings]
ALL [null]: Cannot read class: org.netbeans.core.multiview.MultiViewCloneableTopComponent
Netbeans IDE hangs and GUI doest not show up.
The Logs of Netbeans IDE Home Log file is in ~/.netbeans/6.5/var/log/messages.log is as below,

INFO []: [PersistenceManager.getTopComponentForID] Problem when deserializing TopComponent for tcID:'MultiView-designer#007Cjsp#007Cjava#007C'. Reason: Top component MultiView-designer#007Cjsp#007Cjava#007C could not be located or loaded from Components folder.
INFO []: [PersistenceManager.getTopComponentForID] Problem when deserializing TopComponent for tcID:'MultiView-PageFlow#007CXML#007C_1'. Reason: Top component MultiView-PageFlow#007CXML#007C_1 could not be located or loaded from Components folder.
INFO []: [PersistenceManager.getTopComponentForID] Problem when deserializing TopComponent for tcID:'MultiView-PageFlow#007CXML#007C'. Reason: Top component MultiView-PageFlow#007CXML#007C could not be located or loaded from Components folder.
INFO []: [PersistenceManager.getTopComponentForID] Problem when deserializing TopComponent for tcID:'MultiView-designer#007Cjsp#007Cjava#007C_2'. Reason: Top component MultiView-designer#007Cjsp#007Cjava#007C_2 could not be located or loaded from Components folde


You need to go the Netbeans IDE has ~/.netbeans/6.5/config/Windows2Local/Components/ directory and delete the MultiView-Page\*.settings
and restart the netbeans will work.

Keyword: NB 6.5.1 suddenly stops showing window content, ALL [null]: Source: MultiFileObject@1633949[Windows2Local/Components/MultiView-PageFlow[Read More]

Tuesday Mar 03, 2009

How to handle UTF-8 characters in HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL ?

Most of the times we will be dealing with multi byte characters that effects web applications at all programming languages in development, the most recommended one to use is Unicode for non-English languages. Unicode has a wide range of characters mapped in it. So to be lucky, you need to first start from the operating system level to the application level. Most of the internationalization is always a tricky problem to handle in development cycle, as said let us look at part by part from the operating system level to application level and I will be explaining internationalization tricks on web based application and technologies further. To get more insight on handling the UTF-8 characters in HTML, JavaScript, Server configurations, Database (MySQL) and PHP is all about in this blog content.

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Friday Feb 27, 2009

Community Translation Interface (CTI) released

Common Translation Interface(CTI)

Welcome to Community Translation Interface!

Announcing the first release of Community Translation Interface (CTI), version 1.0. The CTI tool is available at

CTI is a simple lightweight web application for open-source community translators. It allows to translate different parts of OpenSolaris, Netbeans from one single site in a while without dealing with technical aspects like message files format, source paths (or repositories).

More info about this tool is available at,

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Thursday Feb 26, 2009

IEC Open Source Mela

IEC Open Source MelaMela will be starting soon, just an invitation to get plugged into the Open Source Mela of India Engineering Center happening in Bengaluru at Sun. Its one of the best events for the Sun developers/engineers to participate in many sessions.
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JavaFX Contest Opened for you!..

JavaFX contextJavaFX contest begin, are you there ?? .

JavaFX India team is conducting a contest to code, let rock and roll on this one, certainly not me but you can as a student, find out how to register and get some good worth goodies. Here is the site you need to start with  and one more thing..., Registration for CodeJavaFX 2009 will be open from 16th February 2009 and closed by 1st March 2009. Dont miss it. Its a wonderful opportunity for you to grab...

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Tuesday Feb 24, 2009

Sun Tech Days 2009

Welcome to Sun Tech Days 2009 Hyderbad Welcome to an awesome performance by the Sun on the Sun Tech Days 2009 grabbing the hearts of 10,000+  attendees. It was one  of my wonderful experience, to share about our Globalization booth and Hands On Lab session and enjoyment. Most of the times the conferences feels boring and no fun at all, just the bells of them in the advertisements, But this Developer Conference was like shaking the world on its toes. It was held in Hyderabad Feb 18th to 20th in Novortel HICC. To get more information see this site:
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Monday Dec 01, 2008

ಫೊಸ್.ಇನ್ - FOSS.IN - "Talk is cheap, Show me the code"

FOSS.IN [ ಫೊಸ್.ಇನ್ ]caption "Talk is cheap, Show me the code" (Waw! what an impressive caption ) and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) event happened from 25th to 29th 2008 IISc, Innovation Center, Bangalore. This time is was more about internationalization and localization aspects of talks and workouts in Open Source Linux and was greatly focusing on the indic languages and processing. Information science in India is still at the early stages and its investment in digitizing has not been very impressive in these year. Linguistic activities in terms of translations and Machine Level Translation are becoming inevitable to invest on research and development.

 Many many books are published from institutes like, Center of Information Languages, Resource Center for Indian Language Technology Solutions (IIT Bombay), Language Technologies Research Centre (IIT Hyderabad) by the R&D Department of Information Technology Government of India, but they are not fully digitized for the world. In few decades Indian Institutes have been investing in,

  • Language access and Machine Translation in Indian Languages
  • Speech Processing for Indian Languages
  • Search Engines, Information Extraction and Retrieval for Indian Languages
  • Ontology and  Corpus in Indian Languages
  • Mailing, Transliteration, lexicons, POS Corpus tagger, Morphological generators...etc
I had an amazing experience in the FOSS to look a head the market future , how about you ? joining the free open source train. Findout more inside on Machine Translation and Indic languages ,  I have breifed with key points ...[Read More]

Wednesday Nov 12, 2008

Pootle (ಪುಟಲ್) now in Kannada language is on its way

Pootle - ಪುಟಲ್, me and CA:

              Yet different paradigm of Localization on Web and Translation Online, I just dived into the transalation of Kannada Langauge (one of the Indian Langauge), which long back, I studied in my School days. It refreshed me with lot of glimps and gave me knowledge of Translation. Well I was very impressed by the Pootle translations are done, within a couple of days I was able to finish the translation.I and Rajath(Campus Ambassador) was involved in it.  It was a great experience for me to see the application online with our own translation. I was able to contribute 98% of Kannada Translation to it, How about your langauge ?.  If not, just jump in...

To see more of its features ..

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Friday Aug 01, 2008

Installation and Upgradation of Directory Server Enterprise Edition on Windows Plaform

Topic, 'How to do a fresh install for Sun Java Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 and Upgrade it to 6.3 on Windows Native Platform ?' has eaten up my weekend time, well I believe in 'Patience as one of the tool for win-win success stories'. I have explained the way to do it, But still propose you first to read the Sun docs before you do some upgrades, here is the link Sun Java Directory Server Enterprise Edition

To see how to do it, here we go...
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Friday Jul 25, 2008

Upgrading to DSEE 6.3 windows patch from 6.2

How to upgrade for Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 to 6.3 on Windows system ?

Today's topic is how to upgrade on Sun Java Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 to 6.3, I propose you to check out the Sun docs before you do some upgrades, here is the link Sun Java Directory Server Enterprise Edition

I have posted the steps from DSEE 6.2 to DSEE 6.3 only, to read more click on "Read more"

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Friday Jul 11, 2008

OpenDS 1.0.0 released - "ಓಪನ್ ದಿಸ್ "

OpenDS 'ಓಪನ್ ದಿಸ್' 1.0.0 released ಹೃಧಯಪುರ್ವಕ  ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು!

Today, OpenDS an open source LDAP directory service written in Java released its first stable build to community. Congratulations!(ಹೃಧಯಪುರ್ವಕ  ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು) to OpenDS team. You can download bits from "OpenDS Promoted build".  Want to know more ? click on '[Read more]' link you more details on its features provided... (ಹೆಚ್ಚುಓದಳು ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಕ್ಲಿಕ್ ಮಾಡಿ)

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Tuesday Jul 08, 2008

Team outing in a Cave resort 'Guhantra', (ಗುಹಾಂತರ) first Cave resort in India

We had a wonderful time spent during the team outing in 'Guhantara' ,(ಗುಹಾಂತರ) an India's first cave resorts. Guhantara

It was some thing different and I can express it as, Guhantara, in the heart  of the cave as it literally mean, you find yourself in midst of an exhilarating luxury resort. Better to explain in like, Call on the spirit of adventure and take a plunge into the past spanning epochs and water falls in the history of civilization and their delves of past episodes of man's life. Plan out your small trips on weekends, it might be a good brushup of nature to see. As you get inside you will see an wood carving of animals on it. It seemed wonderful to me as we move around a single wood with different faces of animals carved on it made me to start photography. A small highlights to give you all...

  •   A beautiful 'driftwood' made of concrete, at the beginning of the resort, in the shape of 30 animals and birds, made by village artisans.
  •   A 300 -foot underground corridor to enter the cave resort.
  •   "ರಂಗ ಮಂಟಪ" in Kannada, Rangamandapa, a semi open-air auditorium or multi-purpose hall that can house 700 people at a time. There is a beautiful waterfall with a "ಕುಸಿತ" in Kannada, 'Kausita' or swimming pool that extends beyond.
  •   "ಸಂಭೋಜನ" in Kannada, Sambhojana, the multicuisine restaurant that caters to every taste.
  •   "ಸಂವಾದ" in Kannada, Samvaada is the 70-seater conference room that, despite being equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, smells of the old-stone-world charm with the sound of trickling water. 
  •   "ಮಧುಶಾಲ" in Kannada, Madhushala is the discreetly tucked away bar.
  •   Concrete is plastered with mud to form the ceiling,  the top of which is covered with massive outdoor gardens and recreational area called the "ಪೂರಕ" in Kannada, Pauraka.  
  • Natural skylights dot the entire resort, which is amazing..
  • The beautifully landscaped lawns on the ground above, are a cynosure for the sore city eyes.

Check out more details ...

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LDAP Injection

What is LDAP injection ? 

    LDAP injection is a specific form of attack that can be employed to compromise Web sites that construct LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) statements from data provided by users. This is done by changing LDAP statements so dynamic Web applications can run with invalid permissions, allowing the attacker to alter, add or delete content. LDAP is a protocol that facilitates the location of organizations, individuals and other resources in a network. It is a streamlined version of DAP (Directory Access Protocol), which is part of X.500, a standard for network directory services. Find out more for with Java Example of how to do it ...
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Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

Writing an internationalization unit test case using TestNG

Most of the times we get juggled in providing the test data while writing of Junit test cases using TestNG. It is always a tricky to write internationalized test cases, because of change in code several times makes us get puzzled with adding and removing the i18n hardcoded data for each method in Junit test cases.

So I went a head to find how easy to do it.  Check of the easy way to do it with TestNG a testing framework designed to simplify a broad range of unit testing needs done during the developement cycle. Its a combination on Java annotations and XML file, which helps us to achieve and finish the Junit i18n enabled test cases quickly. On this content I will be discussing about the DataProvider concepts of TestNG.

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Thursday Aug 09, 2007

7 habits of blogging

    You’ve probably noticed, either at work or at personal like, that it’s not always the most talented person who succeeds, but often the most efficient person. Those with the ability to complete more tasks in less time, and to prioritize those tasks, are generally also successful people.

Ask your self about how many times have you seen someone with talent squander it away by being lazy or unorganized?

As a blogger, it’s not enough to write great posts and wait for the magic to happen that can create a noise of wave on the internet world. The successful blogger approaches their task like a employee of the month, like chain of break through laughs.

In this post, I wanted to outline seven habits of the highly efficient blogger, and most importantly, explain how you can work these habits into your own blogging routine as a part of life. 

Find out more how to do it ??...

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