Wednesday Aug 27, 2014

Oracle Key Vault Interview with Vipin Samar, Vice President of Oracle Database Security

I had an opportunity to discuss Oracle Key Vault with Oracle's vice president of database security, Vipin Samar. Vipin talks about the challenges facing security professionals and database administrators as they try to manage encryption keys and other secrets, such as SSL certificates and Java keystores, across the enterprise. Watch the below video and learn how Oracle Key Vault, a new centralized key manager, secures, shares, and manages keys and secrets for the enterprise.

Learn more about Oracle Key Vault by watching the launch webcast.

Tuesday Aug 26, 2014

August Edition of Oracle's Security Inside Out Newsletter

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New Product Launch: Secure and Centralize Key Management with Oracle Key Vault

In August 2014, Oracle launched Oracle Key Vault, a central key management platform that enables efficient and secure deployment of encryption across the enterprise. Get details on the new release. 

Security at Oracle OpenWorld 2014: Don't-Miss Sessions and More

High-profile breaches, combined with increasing regulatory complexity, are driving unprecedented investment in security. Organizers of Oracle OpenWorld expect security-related activities to draw even higher attendance than last year. Find out what key sessions Oracle’s security team recommends you add to your agenda. 

Friday Aug 08, 2014

Focus on Database Security at Oracle OpenWorld, 2014

Data security threats and regulatory compliance are the new "death" and "taxes" that we can all be certain of. Security is a hot topic across all organizations, whether you have 100 or 100,000 employees. Organizations are scrambling to mitigate threats and comply with regulatory requirements. Oracle OpenWorld is the place for customers to hear about the latest advances in data security, meet with security experts, and learn the next steps to help secure the sensitive data they hold.

With Oracle OpenWorld, 2014 about 2 months away, we've compiled the database security sessions, hands on labs, and more, that are critical for database administrators, security experts and executives to attend. As an example of just some of the talks this year:

Oracle Database 12c: Defense-in-Depth Security [CON8194]

Attend this session to quickly get up to speed on the powerful preventive and detective controls available in Oracle Database 12c. It provides an overview of security capabilities in Oracle Database 12c and is ideally suited for those who are new to security or want to get quickly get up to speed on protecting the data stored in their mission-critical databases. The presentation drills down particularly into the new Oracle Database 12c unified and conditional auditing facility. Learn how to create audit policies with conditional clauses, enabling highly selective and effective auditing. See a demonstration of a conditional audit policy based on a connection from a database link and a connection using proxy authentication.

Introducing Oracle Key Vault: Centralized Keys, Wallets, and Java Keystores [CON8189]

Attend this technical session to learn how the new Oracle Key Vault helps organizations accelerate encryption initiatives by addressing proliferating wallets, managing them centrally. See demonstrations of how to set up, configure, and administer Oracle Key Vault for centralized key management for OSs, databases, and middleware. Get best practices for using Oracle Key Vault, a security-hardened software appliance, with existing key storage files such as Oracle wallets and Java Keystores. Learn about optimizations for Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Database 12c, where Oracle Key Vault directly connects to Oracle Advanced Security transparent data encryption (TDE).

Oracle Database Security Strategy and Best Practices: Customer Case Study Panel [CON8192]

Oracle Database security solutions are transparent and easy to deploy and offer comprehensive data protection in a rapidly evolving threat landscape. In this session, you will hear from Oracle customers that have successfully deployed transparent data encryption, data masking, database firewalls, and database auditing and monitoring to protect their data and address regulatory compliance requirements. You will hear why they did it, how they did it, and the lessons learned. This is a highly interactive session—you will have an opportunity to pose questions to the panel and get real-world tips and best practices from your peers.

Plus much more... 

Register for OracleOpenWorld

Register now and get the focus on database security document here to begin planning. Please note agenda is subject to change and will be filled out with session dates/times and room locations as we get closer to OpenWorld, Sept 28-Oct 2, 2014 in San Francisco. And a tip: read Securing Oracle Database 12c ebook to get prepared; we look forward to see you there! 

Thursday Aug 07, 2014

Introducing Oracle Key Vault for Centralized Key Management

Oracle Customers Secure Critical Encryption Keys with Oracle Key Vault

Centrally Manage Oracle Database Encryption Master Keys, Oracle Wallets, Java KeyStores and Other Credential Files

Encryption is widely recognized as the gold standard for protecting data privacy, but encryption is only as strong as its key management. Critical credential files such as Oracle Wallets, Java KeyStores, SSH key files and SSL certificate files are often widely distributed across servers and server clusters with error-prone synchronization and backup mechanisms.

To address the need for robust key management, Oracle today introduced Oracle Key Vault, a software appliance designed to securely manage encryption keys and credential files in the enterprise data center.

Read the press release and register for the webcast to learn how Oracle Key Vault:
  • Centralizes Keys in a modern, secure, and robust key management platform
  • Secures, shares, and manages keys and secrets for the enterprise
  • Manages key lifecycle stages including creation, rotation, and expiration

Oracle Key Vault Learn more: Oracle Key Vault enables customers to quickly deploy encryption and other security solutions.

Webcast: August 21, 2014
10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 a.m. ET
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Monday Aug 04, 2014

Securing Data in the New Digital Economy Webcast

2014 has already witnessed some of the largest data breaches on record. As the black market for stolen data becomes increasingly organized, the supply chain for information is providing an efficient means to monetize a vast array of stolen information. A the same time, our legal economy is becoming more hyper-connected providing more digital services, and making companies are more vulnerable to attacks. In this session we will explore the security requirements for information in the new digital economy and with the vast amount of case information from breach investigations, distill a security strategy to reduce risk.

Register to hear the recorded webcast. 


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