jeudi juin 10, 2010

Closing this blog

In a couple of weeks, I will be a Oracle employee.  Integration is planned for July, 1st in Belgium and Luxembourg.

As I have the perception that Oracle executives are not as encouraging as Sun was letting employees blog about their work, I decided to move this blog to a private space instead.

No new entries will be posted here.  I will use my personal blog at for new posts about the Java (and IT) world.

I guess these entries will stay here for later references.  But, just in case, I also moved all content to my personal web site. 

I am proud for having (modestly) contributed to Sun and Open Source communities and I will continue to do so on

jeudi janv. 21, 2010

Bye bye Sun

This is the end.  Let a new adventure begin ! 

I am looking forward new challenges, new adventures, new innovations  ....

(thanks jag for the artwork) 

mercredi août 27, 2008

Seeing you in Wonderland

We just recorded a small demo of Wonderland collaboration.

Wonderland is a 3D world allowing for team collaboration.

  • You can see and ear other people in the same room, they can see and ear you as well
  • You can see applications (Slideshow, PDF, Office, ...) running on the server or on your desktop
  • Anyone can take control of an application to show something to others
As soon as the screencast we've recorded is ready, I will post the link.  Jason's blog has more details, including the screencast we've recorded.

The best part is that Wonderland server is open-source under a GPL license, you can download it and start experimenting with it (available for Solaris, Mac, Linux and Windows).

Enjoy !

mardi juin 12, 2007

JavaONE 2007 Afterglow event @ Luxembourg

Last May, more than 15.000 Java fans gathered in San Francisco for the 12th edition of JavaOne. If you haven't been able to attend JavaOne, Sun Microsystems Luxembourg is inviting you to its first JavaOne AfterGlow for Luxembourg. During this full day, you will learn more about the latest trends and new technologies introduced during JavaOne like JavaFX. You also will get a technical introduction on some evolutions of the Java Platform (EJB 3.x, JAX-RS - RESTful API fort Java, etc. see below)

This event is free for everyone, you can register online now

jeudi févr. 22, 2007

JSCalendarSync v0.30 released

After being quite for some long weeks, I spent some time over the week-end to prepare release v0.30 of JSCalendarSync. You can download it now from SourceForge's repository

We are now several dozen, within and outside Sun, to use JSCalendarSync on a daily basis, with no major problem.

This release introduces some changes and many bug fixes. I would encourage every users to download it to replace the existing version.

I would like to thanks all of you for your testing, suggestions and encouragements, also for your patience when helping me to debug this or that annoying issue.

So, what's new in v0.30 ?
  • the GUI now provides an option to sync or not the "Description" attribute from events. Many users complained about this attribute being synchronized while they are using it to store conf call access codes or otherwise confidential information. You can now ask JSCalendarSync to not synchronize this attribute.
  • Event cancellation / modification notices are no longer sent by default. This request was very popular and caused many annoyances to all of us. By default, JSCalendarSync now asks Calendar Server to not send an email notice to event attendees when an event is modified / deleted on iCal.
    Should you want to enable this again, you'll need to open a Terminal application, type "defaults write com.sun.luxembourg.cso.JSCalendarSync notifyAttendees -bool true" and restart JSCalendarSync
  • And... last but not least..., a fellow Sun coworker started to implement support for recurring events. Preliminary code is in the CVS main branch. And we should expect some more announcements in the near future.

What's fixed in v0.30 ?
  • passwords and all text attributes are now URL-friendly, meaning that you can use special characters (like ?.:&%) in your passwords and event descriptions
  • international character sets (german's umlauts or french accents for example) are now correctly handled in booth directions
  • many small bug fixes

Users upgrading from a previous version might have a small GUI glitch because of the way Window size and position are remembered from your last run. Should you encounter this small issue, open a Terminal application and type : 'defaults delete com.sun.luxembourg.cso.JSCalendarSync "NSWindow Frame window"', then restart JSCalendarSync.

Finally, I would like to remind some of you that, the first time you run JSCalendarSync, you will be prompted by Mac OS X's Synchronization Manager to authorize, or not, JSCalendarSync to synchronize with iCal. You must answer "Yes" to this question ! Failure to do so will prevent JSCalendarSync to work properly.

As usual, do not hesitate to report me any issue you might have or improvements you would like to see in future releaseS (yes : recurring events and attendees are high on my priority list :-)

Happy synchonization !

Sébastien Stormacq is a Senior Software Architect at Sun Microsystems. He uses his 15+ years of professional experience to design large scale, secured and highly transactional architectures based on Sun's middleware solutions.


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