Thursday May 22, 2008

You Wrote 150 Tutorials!

Since James is travelling, I will quickly mention an announcement from the Community Docs team.

Varun Nischal, the NetBeans community docs contribution coordinator, reports another milestone: In the less than 4 months since we reached the 100 mark on February 5th, another 50 docs were contributed by NetBeans developers!

Varun says:

All credit goes to you and your passion towards NetBeans making it possible for us to achieve such milestones.

There are still potential contributors either amongst you or in waiting, who have still not realised their potential and when they do, we would be unstoppable!

Keep up the good work!

Yes, this means you. :-) Do you have a useful tip lying around in your head, a solution you discovered and think, hey, maybe somebody else has the some question? It's very easy to contribute:

  • Go to (you can get a login here).
  • Click Community Docs in the top left, it contains all the info you need.
  • Scroll down to Community Docs In Progress and add a line for what you want to write. Surround the name of your document with angular braces, like this: [How to grow esparagus]
  • Save the page, and the title will turn into a link. Click the link to create a new empty page for your doc.
  • The wiki syntax is very easy, and even if you just write plain text, it will be okay. The content counts. :-)
Thanks to Varun Nischal, Amit K. Saha, and James Branam for coordinating, and thanks to you guys out there for sharing your experience!

Thursday May 15, 2008

Looking for Plugins?

Some plugins (such as Prolog, Jalopy, Groovy, Scala) do exist but they are not on the default update center yet. Inspired by Roumen's blog I added an FAQ entry about how you get access to plugins while they are still in development or, generally, just not quality-tested yet (so use them "at your own risk".)

So here's how to add development plugin centers, hope it's useful to someone out there!

Monday Mar 03, 2008

Deutsche Lokalisierung von NetBeans 6

Wie weit ist NetBeans IDE 6.0_de?

  • Fertig sind bereits Platform, Base IDE, Java SE, Ruby, UML! Vielen Dank an die Community-Mitglieder Jake Jackson und Michael Holzer!
  • Nicht wundern, wenn Ihr doch mal über ein englisches Wort stolpert: Es fehlen zur Zeit noch die Packs für Web Apps/Java EE/SOA, Mobility/Java ME, C/C++.
  • Status der deutschen Lokalisierung in Zahlen.

Wie kann ich eine lokalisierte 'Daily Build' bekommen?

Neu! Es gibt jetzt besondere Lokalisierungsplugins vom Update-Center. Um den heutigen Stand der Übersetzung (sozusagen eine Daily Build) zu sehen, installiert die lokalisierten Strings mit Hilfe des Update-Centers in Eure NetBeans IDE 6.0-Installation! So geht's:

  1. Im NB6.0-Menü, wählt Tools > Plugins, geht zum Reiter Settings, um eine neues Update-Center hinzuzufügen.
  2. Klickt Add. Fügt ein neues UpdateCenter hinzu und nennt es z.B. daily-L10n. Der Pfad ist
  3. Jetzt geht zurück zum Reiter Available Plugins. Wählt das Netbeans 6.0.1 de Localization Plugin und klickt Install.
  4. Started die IDE neu.
Jetzt solltet Ihr deutsche Menus und Dialoge sehen. :-)

Kann ich mitmachen?

Na klar! Wer selber im Lokalisierungs-Team mitmachen will, findet hier den Einstieg:

Habt Ihr Fragen zu NetBeans IDE oder Platform? Die deutschsprachige Community hilft Euch weiter:

Wednesday Sep 26, 2007

Browser Cache Versus Democracy

On nbusers, a NetBeans governance board candidate pointed out the voting form for the election was impossible to find. If you don't see the form on this page

even after successfully logging on to, you are looking at the cached old version of the page! Either empty your browser cache, or reload the page by holding down all modifier keys that you can find, while pressing the Reload button. (Learn here how to bypass the cache in various browsers and systems.)

Another solution is to log on first (e.g. on the community home page), and then click the link to NetBeans governance board elections. This way the form will be included on the page right away. This worked fine for me, please leave a comment if it doesn't for you!

I'm not certain which combination of factors plays into this bug. If you don't like Firefox's caching behavior, try changing the preferences: Enter about:config in the addressbar and set the property browser.cache.check_doc_frequency = 1 (update every time). The default is "3" (update when out-of-date) which sounds somewhat redundant? Of course this is no cure-all, constantly comparing file versions may slow down your web access, so weigh the pros and cons.

PS: And while you are at it: Are you also suffering from that Firefox bug that you cannot drag URLs into the bookmark bar because the drop is always intercepted by a back-stabbing tooltip? Set as a workaround. Haha, have at you, evil tooltip!


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