Do you have to write ten things if you get tagged twice?

Didn't post anything for a week, I was involved in a couple of projects...

For one the NASA Space Colab on Secondlife: I donated some 3D models of furniture, a small version of the Mars rover, and... a couple of airstrip Alligators. A NASA guy promptly put up a sign next to the Alligators highlighting Florida wildlife! Hehe, nice gambit.

Then I am still fiddling with my jMonkeyEngine 3D game project: It runs in NetBeans and I am making progress slowly in learning the API; but the executable in the dist directory doesn't run since /dist/lib/ was either missing or incomplete. The readme.txt hinted this happens because I added classes and other resources instead of JARs. So...? I am still about to find out whether this is a bug or a feature. It must be possible to write an Ant task that just dumps everything into one big distributable JAR, including images and other binary data.

Well and yes I know, I got 'tagged' twice, by Tom Ball and by James. Which is pretty tough, because I could not even come up with five things, let alone ten. I've led a pretty boring and average live and I neither was in the military nor in a band, nor did I have a surprisingly untypical job in the past...

The only famous people I ever met were James Gosling and Emil Steinberger. \*shrug\* But hey, like James, I also got the Arctic Circle certificate when I spent three days in a tent in the Abisko national park (in late summer, not in the snow). Hm, what else is there to tell? Hypertalk was not only the first programming language I taught myself, but it probably also was what my early English vocabulary was based on. Also, I went to a Christian High School. With Latin and Greek and all that. But it was not as bad as this may sound to some of you -- it was actually quite relaxed, we touched Creation in religious education and learned Evolution in the biology class, worship was done after Taize fashion, and they didn't ask questions whether someone was gay or a single mother. Anything else? As a child, I drew so many cartoons and doodles that my parents stuck them into do-it-yourself calendars and gave them away as Christmas presents to relatives, or submitted them to kids contests to get rid of them. ;-) But hey, I won stuff like games, and a BMX bicycle, and once a huge plush crocodile, so why stop? I even sold two pictures to a hair-dresser's. But they say, that when you sell a painting as a child, you will never become a successful painter as an adult... Bummer. Well, back to programming, then. :-)

I don't care whether those where five things or not. (Make the fifth one "Don't bother me with numbers, I have a computer to do the counting for me") And I won't 'tag' others either because I have a long standing tradition of breaking every chain I encountered up to now, and see where it got me, I can't stop now!

PS: I heard rumors that winter will start tomorrow... Means I gotta complete my fantastic insulated-hood-with-shawl-construction. So if you need a winter hood, write me, and I'll send you the instructions. ;-) Oh, that would be item five! I've got a pen and paper next to my bed and every night I invent something fantastic that will save the world and I write it down. Then the next morning, the world-saving ideas are unreadable, and the readable ones don't make any sense. \*sigh\* Except for the hood.


Hey Ruth. I've had good luck with GenJar, I can use it to squish a bunch of jars together into a single jar, stripping out the unused classes. Then just add a manifest to launch your main class and you are ready to go.

Posted by Joshua on January 23, 2007 at 11:59 PM CET #

java is great : {}

Posted by vivek goel on January 25, 2007 at 05:49 PM CET #

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