Monday Mar 02, 2009

LDAP Workshop at INSA Lyon

This week, 4 GEC (Sun Grenoble Engineering Center) engineers and I conducted a LDAP Workshop at INSA LYON. We organized 4 labs of 2 hours each. Global audience was about 120 students.

Labs and hand-ons were based on OpenDS, the best-in-class opensource java directory server. We also integrated LDAP and GlashFish to secure a Web Service deployment. More details available here.

The workshop went well, we had very interesting discussions and follow-up with students and teachers.

This workshop was organized as part of the actions Sun put in place to promote open source adoption and complements the work of the Sun Campus Ambassadors.

Tuesday Jan 20, 2009

Article about the French Sun Campus Ambassador program in InoVallee Magazine

InoVallee is a technology park dedicated to innovating companies in the Grenoble area.

The latest issue of Inovallee Magazine (in French) contains an article about the French Sun Campus Ambassador program.

This program is being managed from Grenoble Engineering Center and I'm the Mentor of the 2 Campus Ambassadors for INSA Lyon.

Thursday Jan 08, 2009

Grenoble hot location for IT investment

A recent article from the Guardian newspaper in UK does a great job of covering how Grenoble is once again becoming a hot technology center and is now beating London on some fronts for investment in high tech R & D. It mentions Sun, covers new French R&D tax credits and associated advantages of high tech investment in France :-)

What Grenoble offers is an existing tech community and a huge community of science and technology students; they account for more than 60,000 of Grenoble's wider population of around 250,000. London might be strong on mobile and creative web development, but can it match that combination of talent, tax breaks and quality of life?...there aren't many offices where it's quite normal to fit in a snowboarding session before work.

The article was also picked up by Courrier International (full version requires log in)

Monday Dec 01, 2008

French and Swiss Campus Ambassador Program Kick Off at GEC

University Day took place on Nov 27, 08 in the SUN Grenoble (France)campus.
Campus Ambassadors, teachers, directors, system administrators, and students from the 7 universities/schools France and Switzerland are targeting this year were there (about 60 people in total):

-Ecole Centrale (Lille) -Sup Info (Paris) -Ecole Polytechnique -ENSIMAG (Grenoble) -Polytech (Grenoble) -INSA (Lyon) -Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale -EPFL (Lausanne)

This was an opportunity to launch the Campus Ambassador program, get all universities part of the Sun Academic Initiative (SAI), promote Sun Systems and Software (8 stands with various demos set up - OpenSolaris, Solaris Cluster, xVM, Directory, Java, MySQL, NetBeans/GlassFish... ), and to create synergy between between all university members, sharing experiences. Also, a wonderful opportunity for Campus Ambassadors to meet with their mentors.
Campus Ambassadors and their mentors.

Monday Apr 07, 2008

OpenSolaris and Java Real Time at INSA LYON

March was a busy month for Julien Canquelain and Sebastien Rodriguez, our Sun Campus Ambassadors for INSA Lyon.

First, they organized a conference about OpenSolaris on March 20th. They presented the OS, DTrace, Zones and ZFS. Conference went well despite some hardware problems just before the demo. OpenSolaris was new for most attendees (40 people) and OpenSolaris t-shirts were really appreciated !

On March 27th, Bertrand Delsart from the Sun Java Real Time group in Grenoble Engineering Center , gave a conference at INSA Lyon about Java RT . About 20 students showed up, which is not bad as the subject is quite technical. The conference was very interesting and Bertrand found the good mix between high-level concepts and crusty (you said gory ?) details.

Apart from these 2 events, there is more to come as a teacher has just acquired some SunSpots and has started to set up some labs to use these devices. Stay tuned.

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