Installing Oracle Unified Directory in silent mode

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By default, the OUD installer runs in GUI mode. Alternatively, it is possible to install and setup OUD in silent mode.

First, download the OUD bits, then run the installer in silent mode. Last but not least setup/configure OUD in silent mode as well.

To run the installer in silent mode, either run it in GUI mode on your laptop or any system with a GUI and record your answers so that you can replya them on another system in silent mode. Alternatively, you can build a response file manually for OUD.

To record your answers, run the installer with the option -record,

./runInstaller -record -destinationFile /tmp/OUD.rsp

To the installer with an existing response file (silent mode)
./runInstaller -silent -responseFile /tmp/OUD.rsp

A response file template is available at the end of this post. You need to change values for ORACLE_HOME and MIDDLEWARE_HOME.

After this install, you can setup oud in cli mode (oud-setup),
either interactive or in batch.

oud-setup --cli --no-prompt -D "cn=directory manager" -j $PASS_FILE
-p $PORT1 --adminConnectorPort $APORT1 --noPropertiesFile

More info available at

 --- template file for the OUD installer


Response File Version=


#Set this to true if you wish to specify a directory where latest updates are downloaded. This option would use the software updates from the specified directory


#If the Software updates are already downloaded and available on your local system, then specify the path to the directory where these patches are available and set SPECIFY_DOWNLOAD_LOCATION to true

#Provide the Oracle Home location. The location has to be the immediate child under the specified Middleware Home location. The Oracle Home directory name may only contain alphanumeric , hyphen (-) , dot (.) and underscore (_) characters, and it must begin with an alphanumeric character. The total length has to be less than or equal to 128 characters. The location has to be an empty directory or a valid SOA Oracle Home.

#Provide existing Middleware Home location.





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  • guest Tuesday, September 24, 2013

    The -record trick was a nice tip; thanks!

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