Dynamic provisioning of directory instances with DPS - Part 2

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The goal here is still (see previous post ) to dynamically  add/remove a directory server
instance from the mesh with no or limited impact on the client
applications and w/o altering the HW load-balancers that are commonly
deployed in front of the directories. In the rest of this post, we
assume that client applications access the directory services via an
access layer provided by the Sun/Oracle Directory Proxy Server (DPS).

The second method consists in changing the configuration of each Directory Proxy Server. Each data source (directory server instance) is put in disabled mode so that DPS immediatly stops forwarding traffic to them. The property is-enabled can be changed to false. To reactivate a data source, set that property to true again.

e.g. dpconf  set-ldap-data-source-prop
homere.france.sun.com:20389  is-enabled:false

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  • Derek Diget Friday, January 7, 2011

    We have a question between these last two posts and one from Jan 23, 2009.

    Do you have a recommendation on an attribute to monitor that gets changed whenever a suffix is put into "maintenance" mode like an import or re-index? We would like to change the monitoring-search-filter to be for a attribute that changes automatically. Not one that we have to change like you mentioned in this or the Part 1 post.

    At this point in time we don't care if one suffix is in "maintenance" mode or all of them on a directory instance. We just want to have DPS consider that whole directory instance as down. We have looked at nsslapd-state in cn=config, but not sure if that will work as we want.

    If we can't do want me want (modify monitoring-search-filter to an attribute that is updated by the directory instance itself), implementing one of your Part 1 or Part 2 posts should work for us.

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