Monday Feb 22, 2010

Occasional Lecturer at INSA LYON

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Wednesday Apr 01, 2009

GlassFish presentation at INSA LYON

Last week, Agnieszka and Julien, the Sun Campus Ambassadors at INSA LYON presented Glashfish.

They covered Glashfish, Java aEE 5 and 6 with a demo using Netbeans.
Very good audience (about 50 people attended that session) , very good feedbacks and... very good presentation. Keep on the good work.

Thursday Feb 19, 2009

Hibernate/Netbeans/GlassFish at INSA Lyon

Last week, Agnieszka and Julien, the Sun Campus Ambassadors for INSA Lyon presented Hibernate (HQL, Transactional APIs) with demo based on Netbeans and Glassfish.

About 25 students attended the conference. These technos raised lots of interest, so they may organize a new session targeting the "5IF" audience (eng. students in final year) soon.

Tuesday Jan 20, 2009

Article about the French Sun Campus Ambassador program in InoVallee Magazine

InoVallee is a technology park dedicated to innovating companies in the Grenoble area.

The latest issue of Inovallee Magazine (in French) contains an article about the French Sun Campus Ambassador program.

This program is being managed from Grenoble Engineering Center and I'm the Mentor of the 2 Campus Ambassadors for INSA Lyon.

Monday Dec 01, 2008

French and Swiss Campus Ambassador Program Kick Off at GEC

University Day took place on Nov 27, 08 in the SUN Grenoble (France)campus.
Campus Ambassadors, teachers, directors, system administrators, and students from the 7 universities/schools France and Switzerland are targeting this year were there (about 60 people in total):

-Ecole Centrale (Lille) -Sup Info (Paris) -Ecole Polytechnique -ENSIMAG (Grenoble) -Polytech (Grenoble) -INSA (Lyon) -Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale -EPFL (Lausanne)

This was an opportunity to launch the Campus Ambassador program, get all universities part of the Sun Academic Initiative (SAI), promote Sun Systems and Software (8 stands with various demos set up - OpenSolaris, Solaris Cluster, xVM, Directory, Java, MySQL, NetBeans/GlassFish... ), and to create synergy between between all university members, sharing experiences. Also, a wonderful opportunity for Campus Ambassadors to meet with their mentors.
Campus Ambassadors and their mentors.

Friday Nov 21, 2008

OpenSolaris presentation at INSA LYON. OSUM site created.

An OpenSolaris presentation took place on thursday 20th at INSA LYON as part of the Sun Campus Ambassadors program. About 20 students attended. Julien and Agnieszka presented VirtualBox and OpenSolaris. A more detailed session on OpenSolaris, with Dtrace, ZFS etc is planned.

Agnieszka also set up an OSUM (Open Source University Meetup) for INSA Lyon.
OSUM (pronounced "awesome") is a global community of students that are passionate about Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and how it is Changing (Y)Our World. We call it a "Meetup" to encourage collaboration between student groups to create an even stronger open source community.

To connect to INSA OSUM, go to, select France country, then "Institut National des Sciences Appliquees, LYON". Enjoy

Tuesday Sep 30, 2008

2 new Campus Ambassadors for INSA LYON

Welcome to Agnieszka Chojnowska and Julien Canquelain, the new Sun Campus Ambassadors for INSA Lyon!

I've been recruited to be their Mentor. The Mentor's role is to point the Campus Ambassador in the right direction whilst helping them to develop solutions to issues that may arise in the performance of their duties.
Mentoring provides development opportunities for the mentor as well as great personal satisfaction. Being a mentor can improve my leadership skills and enable me to learn from alterative approaches and different ways of thinking. It can be challenging, inspiring and enlightening.

Monday Sep 08, 2008

Sun Campus Ambassador program mentioned in INSA Lyon publication

Julien Canquelain, one or our Sun Campus Ambassador for INSA Lyon, wrote an article about the program. It has been published in the July edition of the computer science department of INSA magazine.

The article (in PDF and in french) is available here.

Monday Apr 07, 2008

OpenSolaris and Java Real Time at INSA LYON

March was a busy month for Julien Canquelain and Sebastien Rodriguez, our Sun Campus Ambassadors for INSA Lyon.

First, they organized a conference about OpenSolaris on March 20th. They presented the OS, DTrace, Zones and ZFS. Conference went well despite some hardware problems just before the demo. OpenSolaris was new for most attendees (40 people) and OpenSolaris t-shirts were really appreciated !

On March 27th, Bertrand Delsart from the Sun Java Real Time group in Grenoble Engineering Center , gave a conference at INSA Lyon about Java RT . About 20 students showed up, which is not bad as the subject is quite technical. The conference was very interesting and Bertrand found the good mix between high-level concepts and crusty (you said gory ?) details.

Apart from these 2 events, there is more to come as a teacher has just acquired some SunSpots and has started to set up some labs to use these devices. Stay tuned.

Monday Mar 10, 2008

Netbeans presentation by our INSA LYON Campus Ambassadors

On Feb 21st, Julien Canquelain and Sebastien Rodriguez, the Sun Campus Ambassadors for INSA LYON engineering school presented NetBeans 6.1 to their fellow students.

This was their first presentation as part of the Campus Ambassador program and I was present as Mentor and to meet with some of their Professors.

The presentation was attended by about 40 students and 3 professors, actually the room was full. The session was well organized, with a student, Julian Esperat, in charge or video recording and another one, Sanh LY, taking photos attached.

They covered various topics, including general overview of the IDE, comparison with other IDEs, Matisse,Collaboration tools, plugins etc and demonstrated Profiling, the Java Editor, Collaboration Tools and Matisse. Demos went very well; Julien and Sebastien showed how the use of Netbeans would have helped the students delivering past java projects much faster and efficiently...The audience was really impressed by Matisse.
Since then, many students have adopted Netbeans, especially to develop Java GUIs.
Well done !

More details about the Sun Campus Ambassador program can be found here.

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