Wednesday Sep 24, 2008

Cooking with SDNGal

It's officially fall, aka my favorite time of year, and that means the
leaves are changing, the air is cooler, and the days are shorter. Since
becoming a mom, I realize that the day is shorter part of fall is my
least favorite thing about the season. Having two active little ones
means that the more time you can spend running around outside, the
better. But when fall and winter hits, you have to get creative. You
have to get serious. You have to make peanut butter playdough. I don't
have the source for this recipe...just the photocopy that was given to
me. It's super fun to make with the kids...and it truly is
"non-toxic"... they can eat it if they want!

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Tuesday Sep 16, 2008

Web 2.0 Expo, NY: KICKOFF!

Jenn (aka maybeimright) and I are at the Javits Center waiting for today's Web 2.0 festivities to kick off. We've been pouring over the conference guide and schedule, debating which sessions to attend and realizing there are more sessions on our list than time we have in the day. This seems to happen a lot. I'll be blogging the sessions, we'll both be tweeting over at Team_SDN and you should keep your eyes peeled for an update over at SunTAN as well. And of course, if you are here at the Expo and you are free tomorrow at 7pm and are interested in social media marketing, head on over to our BoF: Social Butterflies: Using Social Media to Grow Developer Communities. Okay....time to find our first session!

Wednesday Aug 27, 2008

Cooking with SDNGal

Ok, so this week's recipe is another dessert. Do you see a pattern? ;)
It's a family recipe for Apricot Bars and they are very, very yummy. So
proceed at your own risk!

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Friday Aug 08, 2008

Let the Games Begin!

I love the Olympics. Love 'em. Ever since I was a little girl watching Mary Lou Retton flip and vault her way to gold in L.A. I've looked forward to the summer games. And tonight they begin! (Ok, technically, the opening ceremony is over, but for us out here on the west coast, it hasn't been televised). I'll be DVR'ing all of the games, but I'll also be playing MyPicks Beijing 2008.

MyPicks Beijing 2008 is a Facebook application allows players to predict Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal winners throughout the games. When a player (ME!) predicts correctly (Which, um, I WILL), points are added to the players' home country's score and the country with the highest point total at the conclusion of the Summer Olympics is the winner. The app was built using Sun's social application development environment, known as zembly.  Zembly has been in private beta since June and enables folks to quickly develop social apps for platforms lik Facebook, Meebo, OpenSocial and iPhone.

So add MyPicks Beijing 2008 to your Facebook page and play along! Maybeimright and I have challenged each other to make the most correct predictions. I'm totally going to win. Not that it matters. But I am.


ps- I'm on vacation next week so no updates from me in this space. Have fun!

Wednesday Jul 23, 2008

Cooking with SDNGal

It's time for our weekly installment of Cookin' with SDNGal. Today I bring you Thai Shrimp Soup. It's a family favorite. Hope you enjoy it!

Thai Shrimp Soup

2 TBSP canola oil 

1 TBSP minced fresh ginger

3 gloves garlic, minced

1 TBSP hot chili paste 

4 C. Chicken Stock 

1 - 14oz can of creamed corn

1/2 lb. frozen shrimp, defrosted

1 TBSP water

1 TBSP cornstarch

1 tsp sugar 

1 egg, slightly beaten 

1/2 bunch cilantro, chopped

In a large dutch oven or saucepan heat the canola oil over medium heat. Add ginger, garlic, and chili paste and stir for 1 minute. Add the chicken stock, corn, and shrimp. Cook for 10 minutes. Whisk together the water, cornstarch and sugar and add into soup. Stir until slightly thicker, about 3 minutes. Add the beaten egg and stir for one minute more. Add the chopped cilantro and serve. A word to the wise: this is best served fresh. It isn't the tastiest as leftovers. The shrimp get a little tough in reheating. This recipe will serve four folks. ;)



Wednesday Jul 16, 2008

Cooking with SDNGal

Time for our weekly Cooking with SDNGal feature. Today's recipe comes from my Grandma Evie who was the cutest thing ever to come out of Oklahoma. Tiny, southern, adorable. I was looking through her old recipe box, trying to find her recipe for baked custard when I came across today's feature: Chili Relleno Casserole. I couldn't help myself...I decided to try it out! Mostly because I LOVE chili rellenos but also because it seems so 1950s to me. And away we go:

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Thursday Jun 26, 2008

Cooking with SDNGal

Time for this week's installment of Cooking with SDNGal. Today we've
got another dessert. Shocking, I know. This one comes from another of
my favorite Aunt's friends, Becky. It's called Lemon Lush and if you
like lemon you'll love this dessert. I mean luuuuuuuuurve it. Here we

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Thursday Jun 19, 2008

Cooking with SDNGal

Heya! This week's installment of cooking with SDNGal. I don't know
where this recipe originates from. I do know that it is something my
Mom made for years and it's the recipe that won me the Best of Show in
baking, junior division at the California State Fair when I was in
elementary school. I know. I'll give you a moment to take that in. If
only I had the photo of me holding the ribbon with my pseudo Farrah
Fawcett hairdo and my kickin' bottle cap glasses. Anyhoo, it's called
the 14-Carrot Cake and it's delicious. Let's get started. 

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Wednesday Jun 11, 2008

Cooking with SDNGal

Hey folks! It's time for this week's recipe. This one comes
from...well, me. It's a take on a recipe I got from my friend Fran
years ago. It's Pork Carnitas cooked in a crock pot. Couldn't. Be.
Easier. Check it:

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Wednesday May 28, 2008

Cooking with SDNGal

Time for our weekly installment of Cooking with SDNGal. This week I
bring you possibly the most tasty sweet treat in the world. This recipe
was given to me a few years ago by our son's nanny, Laura. She was and
is the nicest woman to walk the earth and a great cook too. This recipe
is a staple at all of her family functions, and has become a special
treat in the Dailey household as well. Here we go:

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Monday May 12, 2008

New Video on Sun Total Access Network

I'm off from work today, but wanted to direct your attention to the Sun Total Access Network on youtube. We've got some new video up from last week. I'll be back at 'em tomorrow.


Friday Sep 21, 2007

Meet Me in Second Life

Hi Guys,

I'll be inworld Monday, September 24 from 12-1PM PST in Sun's Public Sandbox. If you are in Second Life, stop by and say "hi" and let me know what you're using Second Life for.

Have a great weekend kids!


Monday Aug 13, 2007

You're Invited: Sun Studio 12 Chat in Second Life

Big news! We're hosting our first (of many) chats in Second Life at Sun's Developer Playground and I wanted you, my dear readers, to be the first to know. The topic will be Sun Studio 12. Kuldip Oberoi will be answering your questions and I, sdngal aka Heidi Dailey, will be your hostess. Please join us on Thursday, August 30 at 9am PST. Visit Sun's Developer Playground today and keep up-to-date on all our activities in Second Life. 

Hope to see you there! 

Tuesday Aug 07, 2007

It's That Time of Year Again!

The days are getting shorter, the air is getting cooler (okay, not really, but work with me here), children are heading back to school and Sun Tech Days begins its tenth season next month in Boston. TENTH SEASON! Wow. I hope you'll be joining us at one of our stops:

Boston, United States
September 11-12, 2007
Rome, Italy
September 24-25, 2007
Milan, Italy
September 26-28, 2007
Shanghai, China
October 22-24, 2007
Beijing, China
October 29-31, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
November 6-8, 2007
Frankfurt, Germany
December 3-5, 2007
Atlanta, United States
January 9-10, 2008
Bangalore, India
February 27-29, 2008
Sydney, Australia
March 6-8, 2008
Johannesburg, South Africa
March 11-13, 2008
St. Petersburg, Russia
April, 2008
Manila, Phillipines
April/May, 2008
Mexico City, Mexico
May 21-23, 2008


Register, learn, network, enjoy...happy Tech Days y'all!

Friday Aug 03, 2007

Come and Knock on Our Door!

Hello friends!

Jenn Winger, aka Mobility Maven, and me, aka sdngal, have moved into MySpace and want you to visit. If you are on MySpace, please stop by. We'll be waiting for you!




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