Friday Aug 08, 2008

Let the Games Begin!

I love the Olympics. Love 'em. Ever since I was a little girl watching Mary Lou Retton flip and vault her way to gold in L.A. I've looked forward to the summer games. And tonight they begin! (Ok, technically, the opening ceremony is over, but for us out here on the west coast, it hasn't been televised). I'll be DVR'ing all of the games, but I'll also be playing MyPicks Beijing 2008.

MyPicks Beijing 2008 is a Facebook application allows players to predict Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal winners throughout the games. When a player (ME!) predicts correctly (Which, um, I WILL), points are added to the players' home country's score and the country with the highest point total at the conclusion of the Summer Olympics is the winner. The app was built using Sun's social application development environment, known as zembly.  Zembly has been in private beta since June and enables folks to quickly develop social apps for platforms lik Facebook, Meebo, OpenSocial and iPhone.

So add MyPicks Beijing 2008 to your Facebook page and play along! Maybeimright and I have challenged each other to make the most correct predictions. I'm totally going to win. Not that it matters. But I am.


ps- I'm on vacation next week so no updates from me in this space. Have fun!

Wednesday May 07, 2008

Quick Update

Video did not happen! I literally ran from the keynote to the Second Life base of operations in Moscone and maybeimright had to dash to another potential video interview! I want to remind folks that we are presenting a schedule of events in Second Life for JavaOne. So if you can't be here in SF, join us inworld. Today I'll be conducting an SDN Focus Group at 11am PST and then we'll have Nandini Ramadi inworld at 1pm PST to talk all things JavaFX. And after yesterday's keynote, I'm even MORE excited to talk about JavaOne. We'll wrap our SL events today with our JavaOne party from 4-5pm PST in Club Java. We'll be giving away some great sure to join us!

If you are in SF, stop by the SDN booth on the Trade Show floor for your pass to tonight's SDN Rocks party! It's going to be off the hook and I know for a fact that we are going to have some super stars there ;)

I just realized I have two parties in one day. Crazy! ;) 

Okay, better shake a tail feather and get over to Moscone!


Tuesday May 06, 2008

JavaOne Kickoff Keynote! Java + You

My first draft was deleted and I'm running to my second life session. So here is my blog entry, short form. Watch this space later for the keynote takeaways video with me and  maybeimright!

Here we go:

James Gosling, John Gage, and Chris Mellisinos do the welcome and t-shirt toss! Whoot!
JavaOne opening short film: Java + You!
Rich Grean, EVP of Software takes the stage.

Key Takeaways:
Consumers Drive Innovation!
People Define the Experience!

Things I found super-cool:
Kindle from Amazon
JavaFX. Love it. Love it. Love it. ps? Love it.
Also? The room is connected. I can count 6 people around me who are tweeting. Love it!
48,000,000 JRE downloads per month
Neil Young and Blu-ray. Hello. That is cool.  

Jonathan Schwartz takes the stage to give the 50,000 foot view.

Four fundamental differentiators for Sun:

1. Meet more devices on the planet

2. Make it compelling for developers

3. The Java platform will give more insight to developers about the users of their content

4. It's all going to be free....freely available, philosophically free, no-cost.....truly free!

Here comes the big announcement. Neil Young is on stage!!!

Wanted to do a biography of his music....Archive volume one 45-50 years of music...and he's doing it now on Blu-ray!! He needed technology that would let folks come in at any point...much like a video game. And Blu-ray is providing that technology. we're watching the demo. It's incredible!

Okay....losing battery power...Must.Recharge.Soon.

That's a wrap for now. More later!






Tuesday Apr 22, 2008

Three Free Passes to JavaOne....Want One?

Hey Guys,

I'm so stoked about this. We've secured three more FULL passes to JavaOne to give away! That's could attend JavaOne 2008 for free! All you need to do is follow us on twitter here. We'll be picking winners at random on Thursday. So hurry! ;) 


Monday Apr 21, 2008

The Road to JavaOne 2008

With fifteen days to go until JavaOne (14 'till CommunityOne!) things
in SDN-land are ramping up like crazy. I've heard some amazing things
that will be happening this year. You can keep up with all the action
here at SDN'sider and/or by following us:

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Wednesday Apr 16, 2008

We have WINNERS!!!!

We have our WINNERS! I've sent y'all email seperately...but congratulations to:
Kurt, Paul, Jack, Maneesha, and Micheal!!!

Enjoy the conference and come by the SDN booth when you get a chance!


FREE JavaOne Passes for the First FIVE

AMAZING offer brought to you by us folks in SDN-land. Check it out. If
you are not an SDN member but would like to be, the time has come my
friends. I have been given FIVE passes to JavaOne and will give them to
the first five folks who email me at: heidi dot dailey at sun dot com.
Here are the rules:

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Friday Apr 11, 2008

Eric Klein on JavaOne 2008

Check out the new video on Sun Total Access NetworkEric Klein, Vice President of
Java Marketing, talks about the road to JavaOne. He is on fire and I think you'll enjoy the clip! Stay tuned for more JavaOne goodness!

Have a great weekend y'all!


Thursday Apr 10, 2008

CommunityOne and JavaOne 2008

Hey Peeps!

So I was at Evans Data for the first part of the
week, and while the presentations were interesting, I didn't feel that
anything lent itself to a blog entry. 'Cept maybe for the bizarre
fancy-schmancy lunch served each day. But I digress.

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Friday Apr 04, 2008

More Video: Sun Total Access Net

Heya! Two new cool videos posted in the last 24 hours to the Sun Total Access Network channel on youtube. 

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