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Yesterday we had a chat in Second Life on OpenSolaris. We were lucky to have a terrific panel including Tim Cramer, Glynn Foster, David Comay and Stephen Hahn. We had some technical difficulties (such is life in Second Life!) so we were unable to use voice chat. The good news is that allowed us to copy a transcript to share here! Also, the slidedeck is now available on Check it out here.

And away we go:

[7:45]  Glynn Folland: and seem to have lost Tim temporarily

[7:45]  Trickster Bravin: ok

[7:45]  Rio Jetcity: I can provide a good stream if you wish

[7:45]  TAJ Constantine: Are you guys using an experimental OpenSolaris
SL Client, Hmmmm??? ;-)
[7:45]  Jatin Juliesse: hey from which college??

[7:45]  Glynn Folland: Until he returns, I'll just pick up where he left

[7:46]  Rilakkuma Perl: Sometime I use that,but now I use SL on my Mac.

[7:46]  Glynn Folland: As Tim mentioned, we've taken a lot of feedback
over the last couple of years about OpenSolaris

[7:46]  Maximus Usbourne: Jatin, right click avie > IM :)
[7:46]  Maximus Usbourne: text is just fine i guess..

[7:46]  Glynn Folland: a lot of the great features that were brought in
with Solaris 10 weren't very visible to a whole bunch of people

[7:47]  Glynn Folland: While ZFS, the 128 bit file system, was part of
the core operating system, it wasn't the default file system

[7:47]  Maximus Usbourne: hey.. but the webstream folks wont be seeing
any of the text !

[7:47]  Maximus Usbourne: its not visible there

[7:47]  Glynn Folland: We've had a package management system that was
hard to use, hard to administer

[7:47]  Glynn Folland: and built on old technology

[7:48]  Glynn Folland: with OpenSolaris, we had a chance to change this

[7:48]  Glynn Folland: and revolutionize the operating system once
again, bringing these unique features directly to the end user

[7:50]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: We've also made it easy to use by
moving to a more familiar GNU user environment

[7:50]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: We've added a state-of-the-art window
system by moving to GNOME

[7:50]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: We have built-in developer tools and
optimized web 2.0 deployment packages

[7:51]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: The packaging system (IPS or Image
Packaging System) is easy to administer

[7:51]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: It can be done via the command line
or a GUI manager

[7:52]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: It automatically resolve dependencies
so you don't have to worry about it

[7:52]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: This also allows a rapid delivery of

[7:53]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: And we've designed the system so that
you only get those packages contents which change to reduce bandwidth

[7:53]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: IPS is also integrated with ZFS (our
fast file system) which snapshots your system and allows you to do

[7:55]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: Our first release of the OpenSolaris
Operating System was on May 5, 2008, and cleverly named OpenSolaris 2008.05

[7:55]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: Its the first OS with ZFS as the
default file system

[7:55]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: Its enhanced with DTrace (which
allows introspection of performance and other activity)

[7:56]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: and has a fast in kernel CIFS server

[7:56]  lambda Ansar: what is a cifs server

[7:56]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: OpenSolaris 2008.05 also is fully

[7:57]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: CIFS allows you to interact with file
sysetms on other OS's.

[7:57]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: We've had good interest so far in
OpenSolaris, 50k+ LiveCD's have been distributed to over 140 countries

[7:57]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: you can get yours shipped for free if
you don't have the bandwidth to download the ISO image

[7:58]  pnc Blessed is Offline

[7:58]  Glynn Folland: - a useful link to
find out more about CIFS

[7:58]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: check out

[7:58]  lambda Ansar: but regarding the software in solaris

[7:58]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: We've had 100's of thousands of
downloads and mirrors set up which you can also see at

[7:58]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: oops,

[7:59]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: One of the very interesting pieces of
technology is the repositories

[7:59]  Maximus Usbourne: im copy-pasting the chat to the webstream

[7:59]  Glynn Folland: thanks Maximus

[7:59]  Maximus Usbourne: np

[7:59]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: We'll have several repositories
coming on line soon

[7:59]  lambda Ansar: sorry for joining late

[7:59]  lambda Ansar: but

[7:59]  lambda Ansar: what is a kernel

[7:59]  lambda Ansar: if anyone can help me

[7:59]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: One which is up right now is our main
repository on

[7:59]  You: Lamdba, please IM me your questions

[8:00]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: We're continually adding the latest
software into this repository

[8:00]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: We'll also have a community based
repository coming online soon (this month) which allows anyone to
contribute packages easily

[8:01]  Glynn Folland: lambda: will help for
some background reading

[8:02]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: In addition we'll have a repo for 3rd
party packages and things which aren't freely redistributable (like a

[8:02]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: OpenSolaris will continue having
regular 6 month releases, our next one is coming toward the end of
November, and will be called....

[8:02]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: 2008.11 :)
[8:03]  Seiichi Wisent: @

[8:03]  Maximus Usbourne: cool!

[8:03]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: At some point we'll also have a
longer term release with our typical support cycles of traditional
Solaris (10+ years)

[8:04]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: OpenSolaris releases today have an 18
month support cycle

[8:04]  Jatin Juliesse: what a support cycle mam???

[8:05]  You: Folks, we will take questions at the end of Tim's

[8:05]  DavidComay Constantine: Jatin: The length of time Sun will
support a particular release

[8:05]  Seiichi Wisent is Online

[8:05]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: its offering production support for
businesses to run OpenSolaris in their enterprise

[8:05]  You: Thanks David!

[8:05]  Glynn Folland:
- for more details of the support plans offered by Sun

[8:05]  StephenHahn SunMicrosystems is Online

[8:05]  You: We'll be taking questions shortly

[8:05]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: There's 2 websites related to

[8:05]  You: we'll do questions via text

[8:06]  StephenHahn SunMicrosystems is Offline

[8:06]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: is for those
interested in using, learning, installing OpenSolaris

[8:06]  StephenHahn SunMicrosystems is Online

[8:07]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: is there for those
who are interested in working on the OpenSolaris operating system itself
(adding packages, enhancing the kernel, system adminsitration)

[8:08]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: That concludes the basic intro to
opensolaris, I'd like to take some questions

[8:08]  You: Great.

[8:08]  Rio Jetcity: Tim, I see we have Solaris 10 which has the latest
release at 5/08. It seems there was a fork with Solaris 10 on one side
and OpenSolaris on the other side. Could this be a risk so that it will
create two different Solaris OS's?

[8:08]  You: To ask a question please type "@" in your chat line

[8:09]  Rio Jetcity: @

[8:09]  You: I will call on you in turn and you can then submit your

[8:09]  Andy Piper: how to contribute to repositories

[8:09]  TAJ Constantine: @

[8:09]  You: Tim is answering Rio's right now

[8:09]  You: then we will go to Seiichi

[8:09]  JAButterfly Sands is Offline

[8:09]  Jatin Juliesse: @ how the file system of open solaris differes
from others??

[8:09]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: Currently we are working with both
Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris. The kernel is evolving and we are actually
working on one main source tree in the community. Solaris 10 is now in
an update phase

[8:10]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: we'll continue to make changes to
Solaris 10 to fix problem encountered there.

[8:10]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: OpenSolaris is the place where new
innovation for Solaris is happening

[8:10]  Rio Jetcity: I see. Thanks.

[8:10]  You: Seiichi, please ask your question

[8:10]  DavidComay Constantine: I'd add that Solaris 10 support for new
platforms will continue

[8:11]  Croft Ashbourne is Online

[8:11]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: When we get to our "longer term
release" that I mentioned earlier we'll have the ability to run Solaris
10 applications on OpenSolaris

[8:11]  Jatin Juliesse: @

[8:11]  Seiichi Wisent: are there any code names given to new releases?

[8:12]  Rio Jetcity: 2008.05 ... 2008.11 ... that's code enough :)
[8:12]  Karuna Skytower: @

[8:12]  Andy Piper: @

[8:12]  Seiichi Wisent: :)
[8:12]  You: Glynn?

[8:12]  You: :)
[8:13]  Glynn Folland: Seiichi: Okay, so for OpenSolaris 2008.05 we had
the project name of Indiana

[8:13]  Jatin Juliesse: @

[8:13]  Rio Jetcity: OMG They named it after the dog (sorry couldn't

[8:13]  Glynn Folland: there's no official project name for 2008.11,
though a lot of rumours flying around that it's Project Jericho
(according to a press article)

[8:14]  Siddhartha Fonda: @

[8:14]  Glynn Folland: as soon as we come up with something, we'll let
you know :)
[8:14]  You: Taj, go ahead please.

[8:14]  TAJ Constantine: Will there be alternate window and desktop
managers available? I'm actually partial to how lightweight OpenLook was
and GNOME is a pig

[8:15]  Glynn Folland: TAJ: absolutely, yes

[8:15]  Glynn Folland: as Tim mentioned early, there are plans to start
getting more software added to the software repository

[8:15]  DavidComay Constantine: Although we currently have GNOME, we
definitely want to have other window systems like KDE in the repository

[8:15]  pnc Blessed is Online

[8:15]  You: Jatin, go ahead please.

[8:15]  TAJ Constantine: My last attempt at porting the old OpenLookWM
failed miserably (KDE's a bit fat also :-) )

[8:15]  Glynn Folland: we're also looking for people to help contribute
those different desktop environments

[8:16]  You: Karuna, go ahead as well.

[8:16]  Jatin Juliesse: tim what file system opensolaris supports and
how it differes from other file systems

[8:16]  Glynn Folland: there's an initiative started at, that is likely to contribute several new
sofware packages (including KDE/Xfce) to a repository in the next couple
of weeks

[8:16]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: i'll have David answer that :)
[8:17]  Esther Waldman: @

[8:17]  DavidComay Constantine: Jatin, by default OpenSolaris 2008.05
uses ZFS.

[8:17]  Jatin Juliesse: and how fat32 or ntfs can be converted to this
file system

[8:17]  DavidComay Constantine: Other file systems typically seen with
Solaris are also available

[8:17]  Rio Jetcity: UFS / VxFS for instance

[8:17]  You: Karuna?

[8:17]  You: Did you have a question?

[8:17]  Maximus Usbourne: Jatin, you cant convert

[8:18]  You: ANdy, go ahead please.

[8:18]  Karuna Skytower: Yes, Will Linux binaries run on OpenSolaris? Is
there support for Suns OpenMP and MPI libraries?

[8:18]  StephenHahn SunMicrosystems: You can mount FAT32 directly.

[8:18]  Rio Jetcity: Karuna: Nice question

[8:18]  DavidComay Constantine: Karuna, OpenSolaris can run many Linux
binaries using its BrandZ technology

[8:19]  TAJ Constantine: @ about BrandZ

[8:19]  You: Go TAJ

[8:19]  DavidComay Constantine: And there is work underway to have the
OpenMP and MPI support (some of that is available in the repo today)

[8:19]  TAJ Constantine: Isn't BrandZ a Container? Meaning we must
install a Linux environment?

[8:20]  You: Andy?

[8:20]  Jatin Juliesse: @

[8:20]  TAJ Constantine: Versus running the binary directly

[8:20]  You: Sid, go ahead with your question

[8:20]  DavidComay Constantine: TAJ, that's correct - it's actually the
only best way to emulate a Linux environment

[8:21]  Karuna Skytower: @

[8:21]  Siddhartha Fonda: ok so i'm wondering in general what the
roadmap looks like for solaris and what suns plans are for targeting the
enterprise going forward -- specifically, will opensolaris be targeted
fr enterprise computing environments?

[8:21]  Siddhartha Fonda: sorry i got here late i may have missed the
answer in the presentation lol

[8:22]  Siddhartha Fonda: and if so, how does that affect currently
installed solaris bases?

[8:22]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: no problem Siddhartha. we'll release
opensolaris every 6 months and enterprises can deploy this today as it
is supported...

[8:23]  You: Esther, go ahead with your question

[8:23]  StephenHahn SunMicrosystems: mpi is in clustertools ; pfexec pkg
install clustertools

[8:23]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: Solaris will continue to do updates
to support new hardware coming out.

[8:23]  Esther Waldman: you mentioned that opensolaris is where
development is happening

[8:23]  Esther Waldman: is there a plan to end closed solaris at some
point? Will there be a solaris 11? 12?

[8:23]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: We'll have a "long term support"
release of OpenSolaris that will occur at some point in the future

[8:23]  Kumar Andel: Hey! Our Question is... How do we port FOSS
appications on OpenSolaris

[8:23]  Rio Jetcity: Opensolaris=solaris 11

[8:24]  Siddhartha Fonda thinks Esther read his mind

[8:24]  You: @sid lol!

[8:24]  Siddhartha Fonda: :)
[8:24]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: iwth the "long term support" release
you'll see the typical 10+ year support options that exist with
traditional Solaris

[8:25]  Esther Waldman: ok so for the next upgrade, OpenSolaris is \*it\*
[8:25]  DavidComay Constantine: Kumar, initially there will be two
repositories available for FOSS

[8:25]  DavidComay Constantine: The "contrib" repository will have a
lightweight process and allow

[8:25]  DavidComay Constantine: rapid integration of new packages into
the repository.

[8:25]  Esther Waldman: any time frame on that long-term-support upgrade?

[8:26]  DavidComay Constantine: The mainline repository requires a bit
more process steps

[8:26]  DavidComay Constantine: for integration. We're working on making

[8:26]  Kumar Andel: We here have been trying for quite sometime now to
port educational applications to IPS.. any pointers on how to write spec
files and packages for IPS?

[8:26]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: Esther: At some point with the "long
term release" (I don't want to say Solaris 11...) we'll have the ability
to run Solaris 10 applications, just like Solaris 9 vs. 10 today.

[8:26]  DavidComay Constantine: the actual development environment
richer so FOSS apps just compile out of the box.

[8:26]  Jatin Juliesse: @

[8:27]  You: Jatin, go ahead.

[8:27]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: Solaris 10 will have a very long life
ahead of it

[8:27]  Karuna Skytower: @

[8:27]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: but new innovation/development will
happen in OpenSolaris

[8:27]  DavidComay Constantine: Kumar, there is an effort by the
pkgbuild folks to generate an IPS package from a spec file

[8:28]  Jatin Juliesse: ri8 now u r going with GNOME or KDE but r u
trying to developing and integrating light weight environments?

[8:28]  DavidComay Constantine: Until then, I would suggest contributing
the FOSS in question to the SFE project

[8:28]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: Esther: Solaris 10 will continue
updates for a long time (so its not \*it\*)

[8:28]  DavidComay Constantine: We hope to bring all of the SFE into the
"contrib" repository soon

[8:28]  TerriWischmann SunMicrosystems: 08:28 ustreamer-49624 : My
question is, what is the typical client profile for OpenSolaris? I am a
systems integrator in healthcare IT.

[8:28]  Kumar Andel: Hey Thanks Devid!

[8:28]  Kumar Andel: \*David

[8:29]  Rio Jetcity: Solaris 10 is currently at its fifth stage (orig,
6/06, 11/06, 8/07, 5/08)

[8:29]  DavidComay Constantine: Jatin, Sun will support GNOME but we're
definitely happy to see lightweigh WMs in OpenSolaris

[8:29]  You: Karuna, go ahead.

[8:29]  Jatin Juliesse: :)
[8:30]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: Terri: Developers is the typical
client profile

[8:30]  DavidComay Constantine: Kumar for more info on SFW, see
[8:30]  You: We are coming on the hour. If you have a last question,
please let us know.

[8:30]  Glynn Folland: s/SFW/SFE

[8:31]  Rio Jetcity: @

[8:31]  DavidComay Constantine: Thanks Glynn :)
[8:31]  StephenHahn SunMicrosystems: And for more on image packaging,
[8:31]  You: Go Rio

[8:31]  TAJ Constantine: @about 3rd party repo

[8:31]  Karuna Skytower: What is the difference between brandZ and a
virtual machine? Is there better OS communication? I need to develop
C++/MPI applications on multicore Opterons. Will Sun's MPI support this
now on OpenSolaris? Which MPICH be better right now?

[8:31]  Rio Jetcity: When will we get rid of Blue Screens and simply
have the Solaris OS as the main OS?

[8:31]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: Terri: You can deploy as well, and
we'll be making that a more etnerprise like experience as we move forward

[8:32]  StephenHahn SunMicrosystems: BrandZ containers share one kenel,
VMs you'd be running N kernels.

[8:32]  Evil Flare is Offline

[8:32]  StephenHahn SunMicrosystems: Rio: not soon enough :)
[8:32]  Rio Jetcity smiles

[8:33]  Karuna Skytower: So, processes in different BrandZ containers
can communicate with IPC? what about shared memory?

[8:33]  DavidComay Constantine: Karuna, you can download the
Clustertools for OpenSolaris today (pfexec pkg install clustertools)

[8:33]  StephenHahn SunMicrosystems: zones are pretty isolated from one
another (by design--for security)

[8:34]  TerriWischmann SunMicrosystems is Offline

[8:34]  DavidComay Constantine: Processes in the same BrandZ container
can communicate via IPC, Karuna

[8:34]  Rio Jetcity: @ reg. containers , to Stephen

[8:34]  DavidComay Constantine: Processes in different containers can
communicate using the network

[8:34]  StephenHahn SunMicrosystems: probably go to for ways to cheate...

[8:34]  StephenHahn SunMicrosystems: \*discuss

[8:35]  You: Okay folks

[8:35]  Karuna Skytower: How can zones communicate, If I want to run
some processes on OpenSolars and others with a Linux interface? Can MPI
processes communicate?

[8:35]  StephenHahn SunMicrosystems: Karuna: send me
[8:36]  You: We are going to wrap up

[8:36]  TAJ Constantine: Thanks Tim and team!

[8:36]  Rio Jetcity: Thank you.

[8:36]  Karuna Skytower: Thanks.

[8:36]  TimCramer SunMicrosystems: All thanks a lot, please go to and check out, install, and give us feedback!

[8:36]  Yornifer Miles: this was great...thanks everyone!

[8:36]  Rilakkuma Perl: thanks!

[8:36]  Maximus Usbourne: Thanks everyone!

[8:36]  You: I want to let you knwo that the slide deck will be
available at
[8:36]  Kumar Andel: Thanks everyone for coming!

[8:36]  You: by the end of the day

[8:36]  Kumar Andel: :P

[8:36]  Glynn Folland: thanks all

[8:36]  Jatin Juliesse: thanks everyone

[8:36]  You: THanks to Tim, David, GLynn, and Stephen.

[8:36]  lambda Ansar: thank u

[8:36]  Rilakkuma Perl: /clap

[8:36]  Glynn Folland: go get your free CD too

[8:36]  You: Thanks to all of you for hanging in there with us!

[8:36]  Glynn Folland:
[8:36]  Churoval Mimulus: Thanks

[8:36]  Glynn Folland: (click on the free CD link)

[8:37]  Siddhartha Fonda: woo! slidedecks we love!

[8:37]  You: Thanks again everyone!!


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