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Solaris Boy on Tour

Scott Dickson
Enterprise Systems Architect

Here at Sun, engineers in the field - pre-sales, professional services,
even some support services - have specialty programs called
Ambassadors.  I've been an OS Ambassador for about 10 years. 
Every time a new Solaris release comes around, we get extra busy. 
This year, I'm spending a huge amount of time as "Solaris Boy", giving
presentations and workshops around the South on Solaris.  The last
few weeks, I've talked in Birmingham, Memphis, Knoxville, Atlanta (lots
of times), Redmond WA.  I'm planning a swing through Florida soon.

Seems like everyone wants to hear about Solaris.   Solaris
Containers always gets the biggest share of the excitement.  It
certainly is cool.  And simple.  Zones let you isolate your
workloads for whatever reason you might have.  You might want to
delegate administration, restrict access to parts of the system, share
the system between different organizations.  You choose. 

But, in a world where there are so many things in life that are
over-sold and under-delivered, it seems like parts of Solaris are
under-sold and over-delivered.  That is, they are extremely
powerful, but often overlooked.  Little things that make your life
easier.  Like RBAC, or User Rights Management as it's called in
Solaris 10.  RBAC is like sudo on steroids.  Give out root
capabilities on a very restricted basis to whomever needs it, but don't
give out root password.  Combine it with Solaris audit capability
to track who does what.  In these days of Sarbanes-Oxley, this is
a big deal.  No extra add-on products, just regular old Solaris.

And you don;'t have to look far to find more examples. 

By the way, I am sure others have mentioned this already, but there is a nice, free, web-based training class from SunEd on New Features in the Solaris 10 Operating System.
This is cool!  SunEd training prior to the release of the
OS.  There's also a 5-day instructor-led class on Solaris 10
system administration and a 2-day DTrace class. 

Sign up early and often!

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  • bbr Wednesday, October 27, 2004
    RBAC is great but it lacks parameter restriction so do authorization.
    How can usera modify userb crontab?
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