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Oracle OpenWorld Session - Case Study: High-Performance Cloud Datastore Using Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Solaris ZFS

How's that for a long title? Just a note that the slides are now available from our ZFS in the cloud session at OpenWorld.  Tom Shafron, CEO of Viewbiquity, and I presented on the new features in ZFS and how Viewbiquity is using them to provide a cloud-based data storage system. From our abstract: Oracle Solaris ZFS, a key feature of Oracle Solaris, integrates the concepts of a file system and volume management capabilities to deliversimple, fast data management. This session...

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Visit me at Wrenacres.com

Like so many other folks these last few days, I have migrated my personal blogging to my own site at Wrenacres.com.  The direct url for the blog is http://wrenacres.com/blog. Visit me there to see keep up with what I have been doing.  I also have my genealogical research posted at wrenacres.   I will continue to update this blog with new and cool Solaris and OpenSolaris related topics. I have already moved all former content from this site to Wrenacres.

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Random movie thoughts on a momentuous day

So, the EU has approved the acquisition of Sun by Oracle.  This coming Monday makes 15 years that I have been at Sun.  And this morning two movie scenes keep rolling around in my head. First is from 1776, the great old musical about how the US came to be.  Right after the Continental Congress unanimously votes, after a long struggle, for independence from England, they all sit stunned that it has passed and John Adams, played by William Daniels just says, "It's done.  It's...

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Gizmodo reviews Virtual Box

Nice review at Gizmodo, here, of VirtualBox.  Title is Virtualize Any OS for Free.  Check it out.

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CEC Day One & Two Recap

So, CEC is actually almost over. It's been a whirlwind of sessions, meet-ups with folks, filling my head with new stuff. And, of course in the midst of all of the CEC excitement, there's still the need to keep up with what customers back home need. So, what was exciting from days one and two? Lots! Jon Haslam and Simon Ritter gave a great talk and demo about using DTrace along with Java. I am absolutely not a developer; never even written "Hello World" in Java. But, this...

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CEC2007 - Early Day One - Initial Impressions

So, it's the first day of CEC, Sun's Customer Engineering Conference. This year, there are about 4000 of us hanging out at Paris & Bally's hotels in Las Vegas. Systems Engineers, folks from Sun's various practices, Service & Support engineers, architects, folks from headquarters engineering are all here. But, we also have a huge number of our partners - resellers, OEMs, developers, etc. Last night was our Networking Reception. Great to see folks again that I had not seen in a...

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