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Dixie is excited about Solaris 10!

Scott Dickson
Enterprise Systems Architect
It's been a long time since my last blog. I feel like I have been on the road now for months, travelling about the South, talking about Solaris. Every where I go, folks are excited about Solaris 10, Open Solaris, Solaris running on x86 / x64. After being an OS Ambassador at Sun for 10 years, it's finally fashionable to focus on the OS. And that's a lot of fun.

Many of us OS Ambassadors have been presenting roughly six hours of Solaris 10 technical overview at a series of Solaris 10 Boot Camps held across the country. If one is in your area, try to take it in. Even if you are already a Solaris junkie, this is a great way to meet other folks in your area also interested in S10. For the most part, these events are hosted by colleges and universities and held on-campus, but are open to the community at large. I've been doing these in Florida, so far, and plan to travel to Mississippi for one next week. Who would have thought that there would be excitement for Solaris 10 in Mississippi?! But, we have between 50 and 100 people signed up in Jackson, MS for our event. There are a couple of these events planned for the West Coast (San Diego and Santa Clara, I think), as well as Atlanta, in the next month or so.

On top of the Boot Camps, I have visited dozens of customers, both very, very large, and very, very small, and everything in-between. Even if the customer is not currently running Solaris, Solaris 10, especially running on x86 hardware, is something that \*they call us to hear about\*! I've visited customers in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Virginia in the last couple of months and the reception has always been the same - "This is way cool!"

It looks like my task for the next year will be focused around helping customers get Solaris 10 integrated into their environments. That's a pleasant task, to my way of thinking.

It's times like this that continue to make me happy to be at Sun and happy to be associated with Solaris and the people who make Solaris possible.

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