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Customer Engineering Conference - Day 0

Scott Dickson
Enterprise Systems Architect
Arrived in San Francisco early in the day on Friday for CEC2005. This first day (well, zeroth day) of the CEC is really just to get folks here, get reacquainted with folks you've not seen in a while. We had a short session on "The State of the Union" where each of the organizations involved in the CEC had a chance to meet with its leadership and get an update on what's going on. For my group, Client Solutions, this was particularly interesting, being a new organization this year.
At the last Network Computing launch event and Analyst Conference, Chris Ostertag, Sr. VP for Client Solutions, introduced this organization to the analyst community. CSO is the result of bringing together the field-based presales engineering team with the professional services delivery team. This is a pretty major and far-raching undertaking. So, for the CSO State of the Union, each of the heads of the various disciplines gave a brief update on and make sure it matches the voice coming from the trenches.
Spent the rest of the evening at the Welcome reception, reconnecting with folks. The best part of a big, worldwide event like this is getting to network with people that you don't often see, otherwise. Seems like everyone I talked to is finding huge interest from their customers in Solaris 10. Lots of us who work in that space are moving from spending our time introducing Solaris 10 to doing more in-depth engagements to talk about how exactly a customer might move forward with a consolidation effort using zones, or might use DTrace to optimize an application, or might take advantage of the Service Management Facility for better application management on their systems.
Rounded out the day with a bit of planning for the rest of the weekend. Sessions kick of for real at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning. There are hundreds of breakout sessions given by my peers. One of the good things about the new Client Solutions organization is that new job roles help focus which sessions will be most useful. I'm now focused on Solaris and smaller servers. While I still think big servers are cool, I can skip those and narrow my focus a little. Even so, there are still far more sessions than I can attend. Luckily, I think we are recording sessions so I can catch them later on. At the very least, I can get the slides.
My tentative list of topics that I want to see today has been narrowed down to:
\* Volume Server Performance Analysis
\* OpenSolaris
\* Sun's New Update Manager
\* Compliance - Technical view of Lifecycle Management
\* Reducing Service time with the Diagnistic Boot CD
\* A Basic Introduction to Reliable Computing
\* New & Upcoming Server Hardware
\* DTrace - This is Clive King and Jon Haslam. Definately don't want to miss it!
\* The Solaris x86 boot process
\* Transitioning NIS to LDAP and Issues
\* Performance monitory for Solaris on SPARC, Solaris on X86, and Linux
\* Solaris 10 Service Management Facility
\* Trusted Solaris - Simple, Powerful Security
\* BART - Basic Audit Reporting Tool
\* Report on Sun's internal POC with Zones and Solaris 10
From that big list, I think I get to pick 5 if I want to stay the whole session. More on what I see later.

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