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CEC Day 2

Scott Dickson
Enterprise Systems Architect
Day Two of the CEC is Sunday, 2/27. Like other days, we begin with general sessions, but I missed the early ones. I "cut class" and went to church at Glide Memorial United Methodist Church. Great service and I am glad that I went. More about that later.
Finally got to the CEC in time to hear Andy Bechtolsheim and John Fowler's general session about where Sun is going with Opteron servers. David Yen, EVP of Sun's Scalable Systems Group, explained how CMT works and where Sun is going with our upcoming CMT systems.
Right after lunch, I had the second round of my BART presentation. Pretty good turnout, I think. Probably about 35 people. BART is one of those little gems in Solaris that people overlook.
After my talk, I caught several good talks this afternoon. First one was on the new way that Sun will distribute updates for Solaris 10. This looks to be a real improvement over the current tools and practices. The second talk was on metering and accounting resource usage for utility computing, aka in this case chargeback. The key here is extended accounting and its ability to report usage by task, project, or zone. Exacct is something that I have been intending to look more closely at for a while. Now, I think it's time to do that. Third talk was about the Fault Manager in Solaris 10 given by Mike Shapiro. The more I look at FMA and hear the plans for this, the more impressive this technology is.
One more half day tomorrow morning, finishing up with a visit with Scott McNealy. Last year at CEC, Scott (like Jonathan this year) was very open with us. I'm looking forward to that.
But, CEC is only the first part of the week for me. Tuesday to Thursday, the OS Ambassadors, a group of roughly 50 Solaris specialists worldwide , will meet or a short mini-conference. We are taking advantage of the fact that most of us are in town for CEC to catch up for a few days.
So, looks like a busy week, too.

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  • Kathy Brooks Tuesday, March 1, 2005
    Hi Scott,
    I was one of the folks at your presentation (more than 35, I would guess.) And one of the few iForce Partners at the event. You're right, even after taking the Solaris 10 for Advanced Admin class, I had no idea BART existed, and I'm really psyched about it. I think once it's more fully developed with templates as you mentioned, and possibly linked from bigadmin, this will see wider use. I plan to tell the engineers at my company about it, as well as customers. Anyway, thanks for the BART introduction and the great presentation.
    Kathy Brooks
    Commercial Data Systems
    Systems Engineer
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