Friday Oct 02, 2015

Oracle Open World 2015: Oracle Linux, Virtualization and OpenStack Showcase

Open World 2015 is coming and we are going to attend this important event in San Francisco. Meet our experts on Oracle Linux, Virtualization and OpenStack that can help you out with your questions.
Over there you'll also have the opportunity to see demos as well as solutions proposed by our partners. 

Here you can find all the details. Hope to meet you over there!!!


Friday Sep 25, 2015

Oracle Open World 2015: Focus on Oracle LInux and Virtualization

Oracle Open World 2015 will start on Octobre, 25th 2015. As every year, among the thousands of sessions available, there will be those related to Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Openstack and VirtualBox. So, by following links below, you'll be able to identify all sessions that will cover products mentioned above:

Hope to meet you at Oracle Open World 2015!!!! 

Monday May 11, 2015

Oracle VM 3.3.x: guest hot-backup on different repository (v. 0.6d)

Here you can find the new version ( 0.6d ) of the script ( one new bug-fix introduced, see above )

The requirement was to have an hot guest backup placed on an NFS-reporitory; this NFS repository ( mounted by all Oracle VM servers also on different pools ) is also mounted from a backup-server; on the other hand, an important requirement is the introduction of an automated backup retention policy.

The target is to have hot backups of guests on a target NFS repository where backup-server(s) (that could be based on all media library supplied by different Hardware Vendors) store everything on media library (tape and/or further media library) and, at the same time, apply a real retention policy time-based or redundancy-based.

So, here you have the script ( that interacts with Oracle VM Manager 3 CLI ) that allows you to schedule hot-snaps and to put them on a dedicated repository (NFS is suggested but you can also evaluate to put them on an OCFS2 repository and export only this "backup" repository outside ).

At the following link you can find a zipped file containing:
  • "" script to setup key-based authentication to Oracle VM Manager 3 CLI
  • "" script to execute guests hot-backups and proceed to apply retention policies
  • "HotCloneVM_0.6.pdf" containing a real user-guide to implement this backup strategy
  • "README_FIRST.txt" containing some tips to configure ssh timeout(s)

# EDIT May, 11 2015 # 

Introduced new release "0.6d" that fixes one problem where CloneCustomizer of "MoveVm phase" is being

deleted even if it is in use.

# EDIT March, 13 2015 # 

Introduced new release "0.6c" that fixes two kind of problems:

- cloned backups own vNics.

- script is not able to apply backup retention on guest with a "-" in the name

At the following link there is the new 0.6d release available

Script tested also on latest 3.3.2 release. 

Download Here!

Corrections, comments and enhancements are welcome. 

Simon Coter 

Thursday Nov 20, 2014

Virtual Appliances Download for Oracle VM Hands-on Labs

Thanks to the success of the hands-on labs at Oracle OpenWorld and Virtual Technology Summit, we are now making those hands-on labs available for public download via OTN.
By the hyper-link you can find and download all the images (virtualbox machines) and documentation of the following labs:

  • Create your own template using Oracle VM 3.3.1
  • Build a Private DBaaS Cloud with Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c
  • Build a complete high-available Oracle VM Architecture


Monday Sep 16, 2013

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 hands on labs: HOL9981, HOL9982 and HOL10003


Oracle OpenWorld 2013 will  start in a few days. As every year, among the 2000+ sessions presented there will be many Hands on labs.

These labs are a unique opportunity to better understand several Oracle products (applications, database, middleware, OS, virtualization, ...). The idea of these labs is to enable 40 to 50 customers and partners to meet in a room and install/configure/use Oracle products on laptops during 1 or 2 hours, following detailed documentation and being helped by several Oracle experts.

Once again, thanks to Doan Nguyen (Principal product marketing director for Oracle VM), Olivier Canonge, Christophe Pauliat and I will run labs about Oracle VM for X86 virtualization.

This year, we were able to propose 3 labs. See details below.

HOL10003: Deploy and Manage a Private Cloud with Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Date: Monday September 23, 3:15pm - 4:15pm
Location: Mariott Marquis Hotel, Room Nob Hill CD
Detailed documentation (PDF)

HOL9981: Best Practices for Migrating to Oracle VM and Oracle Linux from VMware and Red Hat

Date: Monday September 23, 1:45pm - 2:45pm
Location: Mariott Marquis Hotel, Room Nob Hill CD
Detailed documentation (PDF)

HOL9982: Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c: Deploying Four Nodes in Minutes with Oracle VM Templates

Date: Tuesday September 24, 5:15pm - 6:15pm
Location: Mariott Marquis Hotel, Room Nob Hill CD
Detailed documentation (PDF)

If you attend Oracle OpenWorld and are interested by Infrastructure Cloud or Virtualization, add those labs to your calendar using the Schedule Builder tool.

If you cannot be present, you can still run those labs at office or home using your own X86 machine by following the detailed documents.


Simon Coter (@scoter80) is a Principal Product Manager for Oracle VM and VirtualBox.



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