Monday Nov 10, 2008

Illegal behaviour or just an unfair advantage?

I read this article from The Inquirer a while ago.  The first thing that sprung into my mind was- surely this is anticompetitive? 

Obviously the laws and regulations are different in South Korea, but its even more interesting if you take a look at snapshots over the years, for example in 2005 South Korea fined Microsoft for an antitrust ruling (along with most of the world!).

That was after South Korea declared their support for open source software in 2003.

Pretty interesting stuff, I wonder how the world will react to Vista SP? aka Windows 7 when it hits at the end of 2009.  Will we see 'fair' adoption by those in the know due to the technical merits, will Microsoft's history work against them, or will we be 'forced' to upgrade....hummm...

The cloud OS story is another matter!

Thursday Jul 10, 2008

Maxmising your technology investment

I often hear about the relationship between Governments and technology from the press as well as from bloggers such as our own Jonathan Schwartz (CEO & President), and it does seem sensible for the public sector to leverage the advantages that technology can bring.  Benefits such as expediting and lowering the cost of transacting business through the use of technology, saves valuable tax payers money and should lead to a 'better' service.

In the United Kingdom we have seen an increase in exposure to technology when interacting with the Government, for example, buying vehicle road tax online, computerised vehicle testing, online booking of doctor appointments and prescription services, online petitions, underground (tube/metro) payment card and much more.

While it can help, technology can be seen as more of a hindrance than a solution for users.  At least two examples made my blood-pressure rise recently, for brevity let me mention just one.

Congestion chargeCongestion charging has been implemented in the UK's capital, London, since 2003.  And has been watched around the world as a reference implementation.
A payment of £8 is required for each day a chargeable vehicle enters or travels within the zone between 7am and 6pm; a fine of between £60 and £180 is imposed for non-payment. I found out yesterday, there is a 48 hour delay in processing the number plate recognition, and the non-payment penalty is issued before that time!

This means that the driver is made responsible to recognise when a payment is required, and the system will not be able to tell you if you crossed the 'border' until the penalty is issued.  Of course the recommendation is to keep alert for the signs, check the "Speaking clock" on your mobile phone, and make sure you pay-up if you think you may have entered the zone, but don't expect a refund at a later date if you didn't - there is an administration charge greater than the £8 to do so!

If Boris Johnson (The London Mayor) would like to solve that through some cheap/eco solutions, feel free to get in contact. 
Even a FAQ entry would be honest and help with customer care, but I guess that delay in processing assists with the main objectives of this system- to reduce congestion, and to raise funds for investment in London's transport system. 

The lesson to take away is to value users experience with your technology, whether it's responsiveness, user control, system feedback or whatever, it takes just one bad interaction, to leave a lasting impression, and it could potentially be solved rather quickly and cheaply. 

Let me throw out a question - do you have an appropriate feedback mechanism in place?

Thursday Jul 03, 2008

Live Stream (If I'm broadcasting :-) )

Wednesday Feb 27, 2008

NetBeans Innovators Grants

The NetBeans Innovators Grant is part of Sun Microsystems initiative to give US$ 1 million to open source developers across the globe to work on their favorite Sun-sponsored project.

Whether it's a bug fix, a tutorial, a localisation or a new application built on top of NetBeans - all you need to do before March the 3rd is fill in a form.

Click the image for more details.

Good luck!

MySQL Worldtour

Sun and MySQL meetups are coming near you. This special world tour brings together the expertise, best practices, and technology know-how directly to you. Find out when they are going to be in your city. See Locations London, UK Wednesday, March 5 The Lamb Pub Lambs Conduit Street, London. Time: 6:30 - 9:00pm MySQL Host: Mark Baker MySQL Exec: Marten Mickos Sun Exec: Simon Phipps

Tuesday Feb 19, 2008

A win for Java and the consumer!

This, in my opinion, is great news! Toshiba drops out of HD DVD war If you didn't know, Blu-Ray includes Java in it's specification for the various overlays, animations, effects and enabling network communication etc. - which is all pretty cool!
February 7, 2008
Deep Dive: Blu-ray Disc Java Sun's Blu-ray Disc architect Bill Foote demonstrates some of the powerful capabilities of BDJ, the Java platform for Blu-ray Disc.

Tuesday Feb 05, 2008

Go Solaris! :-)

Tuesday Jan 29, 2008

JavaUK Roadshow (Still FREE!)


08:30 - Registration and Breakfast
09:20 - Introduction,
09:30 - What's new and cool in NetBeans 6.0
10:20 - What, When, How, Why use the NetBeans Platform
11:10 - BREAK
11:30 - Tools for Simplifying SOA
12:30 - Technologies for Creating Web 2.0 Rich Internet Applications
13:20 - LUNCH
14:10 - Introduction to the Swing Application Framework and Beans Binding
15:00 - Introduction to (J) Ruby on Rails
15:50 - Q&A (All)
16:10 - CLOSE


Hope to see you there!


Wednesday Dec 19, 2007

Apple releases JavaSE 6 DP8



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Monday Dec 10, 2007

Making NetBeans sexier

I've been using NetBeans for many years now, and I always find whatever release I use, I make the fonts and icons smaller (kindof how Eclipse is out of the box).
We had a short discussion internally about making this default and to my amazement I found  many people wanted BIGGER fonts :-o
Anyhoo... :-) here are my tweaks that I find make NetBeans even sexier to use:

1] Make the IDE's fonts smaller

Open up {NETBEANS_HOME}/etc/netbeans.conf

Add --fontsize 11 to  the netbeans_default_options within the quotes.

Here's how is looks on my Mac:

2] Make the editor's fonts smaller

Preferenences menu -> Fonts -> Monospaced 12 works well for me.

3] Use small toolbar icons

Right click the toolbar.

If I can help just one person... :-)

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