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Why Choose to Deploy Agile PLM in the Cloud?

May 15, 2014 By: Kerrie Jordan

“You can just turn on your computer in the morning and get to work.”

“Simple. Adaptable. Powerful. Fast.”

“No trade-offs – you get SaaS convenience but with the security, control and flexibility you need.”

These statements expertly summed up the recent webcasts on deploying Agile PLM for Process and Agile PLM in the cloud as hosted solutions with two of Oracle’s specialized partners, Verdant Services and GoEngineer.

If you missed the webcasts, here are the replays:

Deploying Agile PLM for Process in the Cloud with Verdant Services

Deploying Agile PLM in the Cloud with GoEngineer

Which one should you watch? Simply put, if you have process-related product development such as food and beverage, chemicals, or other related items, then the first one may be more relevant for you. Everyone else, the second one is likely better. (But if you’re not sure, both are very informative!)

Each starts with a clear overview of the PLM problem. Many companies acknowledge traditional ways of working simply aren’t keeping pace given the complex challenges facing product development today. Spreadsheets, shared drives, and point solutions are too slow and the demands of the business can’t be answered in time. They recognize they need to make a change, but they simply can’t move forward for the next year or two because of pretty common constraints. Can you relate to these?

· Time or Competing IT Priorities

· Cost or Budget Considerations

· Lack of Resources or Specific Skills

Deploying Agile PLM in the cloud addresses each one of those common barriers. Watch the webcasts today to learn what it can do you for your business and how to get started as soon as you’re ready.

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