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Transform Your Value Chain with Oracle’s Latest In-Memory Applications

July 18, 2013 By: Paul Homchick

By Rick Jewell, Senior Vice President of Applications Development, Oracle

Complex and changing. These are perhaps not the words you want to hear, but they describe the reality of modern supply chains. The more complex things get, the more difficult it becomes to understand the impact of changes and make the right decisions in a timely fashion. Also, the degree of planning difficulty increases with the continuously expanding volume of supply chain data.

All too often, outdated planning processes and disconnected planning systems are simply not adequate. Without the right systems in place, planners can’t get a complete view of activities, let alone analyze them in real time to help ensure informed decision making. The result: their organizations get left behind.

To overcome these problems, many companies are looking to Oracle Value Chain Planning as they look to improve the efficiency and reliability of their global supply chains and transform them to demand-driven value chains. Oracle has released two new Oracle In-Memory Applications, Oracle In-Memory Consumption-Driven Planning and Oracle In-Memory Performance-Driven Planning that will help those efforts. These In-memory applications help companies plan more complex value chains, more frequently, to a greater level of detail, and help make more informed decisions faster. This step change is accomplished by engineering the applications specifically to take full advantage of the unique features of Oracle Engineered Systems to dramatically improve the performance of existing planning processes and enable new processes that were not previously feasible.

Additionally, with an expanding range of next generation in-memory applications, Oracle is able to deliver unparalleled performance for a wide range of business processes that help organizations realize a range of benefits from improved efficiency and lower costs to enhanced reliability and profitable growth. In current business conditions, it’s simple to see these are the kinds of benefits any organization would welcome.

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