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Thousands Now Do Order Management Who Never Thought They Could

Larry Simcox
Sr. Director

What does Order Management and a Rideshare Experience Have in Common?

I recently did some research on a marketing project I was doing for Oracle’s Order Management Cloud product and it got me thinking of a common practice of using a rideshare app like Uber and Lyft.

Everything starts with an order! An order is the unique bind between a customer or supplier and the company. Even a request to hail a rideshare driver from Uber or Lyft starts with an order from the customer. The requester needs to know:

  • that inventory (a driver) is available,
  • approximately how much it will cost,
  • any discounts and
  • how long it will take to arrive and deliver them to their final destination.

This activity is followed by order settlement – the cash exchange between the requester, the company and the service provider/delivery method. Does this look similar to your order management process? (See Oracle Modern Best Practice for Order Management for a modern order management experience).

How frustrated are you when your driver cancels the ride or ignores your text requests and phone calls? What happens if you are late? Is it your fault you requested the ride late and you chose a slower mode of transportation? (I hear you can request an Uber Helicopter in Dubai) Why does this same trip cost more at night when demand is high?

I was amazed at how similar this rideshare experience is to a companies order management process. We reward rideshare drivers with tips and five star ratings when they provide the perfect order experience. How come it is so difficult for our companies to provide a perfect order experience?

In my research I was amazed by the following statistic from Supply Chain Management Review – 79% of companies have 3 or more order capture & 3 or more order fulfillment systems. Can you really achieve perfect order fulfillment with 3 or more order capture and fulfillment systems? No wonder COOs and supply chain leaders are struggling with keeping up with the nuances of their customer orders, much less the easy things we should be able to provide like providing up to date order status and a great experience.

Oracle Order Management Cloud provides a common framework for our customers to capture, promise and fulfill an order across all your sales channels. Order Management Cloud provides a single source to unify all your order capture systems and profitably fulfill those orders while meeting real-time lead times. You also have access to proactive monitoring, exception based resolution and what-if analysis based on various options before picking a specific type of inventory or service level for delivery. Learn more at Oracle Order Management Cloud.

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