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The Digital Future of Manufacturing

Guest Author

Lionel Albert, EMEA Manufacturing and Supply Chain Cloud Director

The smart connected factory is all about changing the ways that humans and machines interact and learn from one another – so that both can do more. Three ingredients define this factory of the future: innovative technology, digital skills, and a modern, flexible data foundation.

The Manufacturers Guide to Digital Connected Service

Let’s start with the technology. Innovative, connected technology helps deliver more efficient manufacturing operations, new opportunities for precision design and building, and higher levels of productivity. Take artificial intelligence (AI), for example. As parts and processes generate data, that data can be analysed and acted upon by AI, with the AI making intelligent, in-the-moment decisions.

Likewise, advanced robotics. The next generation of manufacturing robotics are designed to turn data into automated physical outputs. The more information you can feed them, the less manual intervention will be required.

The Internet of Things has dramatic potential too. As data is continually gathered from across the factory, manufacturers can gain new insights into failure characteristics and begin to detect and proactively protect against them. That data fuels modern analytics platforms, turning huge volumes of raw information into actionable insight.

The Manufacturers Guide to Digital Connected Service

And other innovative technologies such as augmented reality, analytics, and self-driving processes – deployed together or in a modular manner – create a continually improving, data-powered environment that can transform operations.

Putting People First

People are the second essential ingredient of smart connected manufacturing environments. A digital-first talent strategy enables the manufacturers to leverage mobile, collaborative, and intuitive systems to become more insight-driven, strategic, efficient, talent-centric, and responsive. That way, they can be certain employees have the tools and information to attain operational excellence and ensure global agility—driving bottom-line success.

Enabling Agile Operations

Alongside operational technologies and a modern people strategy, digital manufacturing calls for a robust, flexible, and streamlined data platform. As the technology in your factory has evolved and needs have changed, chances are your IT environment has become complex and difficult to manage.

That’s a real barrier to the smart connected factory. You can’t implement new processes powered by new technology without the agility to support them. You need to focus on streamlining and simplifying what you already have before building a future-ready digital strategy.

The factory of the future also depends on being able to share data between people, machines, and components. No matter which modern technologies you want to start taking advantage of, they all require a simple, standardised data foundation to deliver the best results.

Transform Manufacturing Operations With a Connected Platform

Embracing digital manufacturing offers a huge range of benefits – as long as you make the right technology decisions. A bolt-on approach to data and systems denies the connectivity and integration required to support digital manufacturing operations. A unified platform for all of your manufacturing operations creates create a strong, scalable foundation for process innovation.

According to IDC, by 2020, 60 percent of plant floor workers will work alongside automated assistance technologies such as advanced robotics and AI on factory floors. Developing a connected manufacturing platform can help you standardize your data and technology, laying the foundation to embrace innovative new tools and processes across your factory and supply chain.

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The Manufacturers Guide to Digital Connected Service


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