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Your Road to Simplified Requirements Management Starts Here

Kirk Carlsen
SCM Cloud Product Marketing

Few companies have adopted a dedicated process for requirements management. Even fewer execute best practices of transformational lean systems engineering efficiently and effectively. These companies are left capturing and communicating their requirements using a disconnected document-based approach, where critical requirements are spread across documents, spreadsheets, presentations, shared drives, email, and even paper. We call this the “hairball” of connectivity. Visibility, traceability, collaboration, requirements change control, and impact analysis suffer accordingly resulting in slow time to market, failed products, increased costs from wasted cycles, and lost revenue.

Yet, today many companies are still taking this outdated and manual approach to requirements management; thus, risking substandard requirements definition, verification and validation processes. This is undermining your companies competitiveness; wastes time, budget and resources; and increases the risk of failure to deliver critical functionality to your customers. Your success relies on maintaining a modern requirements management process.

As business and supply chain complexity grows, lean systems engineering, enabled by modern requirements management, becomes a vital part of the ideation to commercialization (I2C) process. Only fully integrated cloud-based solutions can simultaneously deliver decomposed, verified and validated requirements linked to product information to all stakeholders throughout the entire product lifecycle. By embedding lean systems engineering into your innovation, development and commercialization processes, you can quickly assess the status of requirements fulfillment and product readiness, adapt and respond to markets more quickly, and improve business performance.

This digibook unlocks your best practice insights by business process, role, and industry to help simplify and streamline your approach to lean systems engineering using a new generation of requirements management. This process, with Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud (PLM), can empower your organization to accelerate time-to-market, increase customer satisfaction, improve success rates, and reduce overall costs.

For a quick glimpse of how Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud can simplify your requirements management process, watch the video.

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