The Future of Decision Making & Voting with Blockchain

June 29, 2020 | 3 minute read
Mary Hall
Director, Oracle Blockchain Product Marketing
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Oracle Partner Lonneke Dikmans, CTO at Vennster, has developed a digital decision making platform built with the Oracle Blockchain Platform. This month Lonneke is sharing the details about the design of the voting application and its use with the Oracle Luxembourg User's Group and the UK IOUG Magazine.  Following is an excerpt from her article "Enhancing democracy with Oracle Blockchain"  published in the Pass the Knowledge magazine. 

Summary Highlights 

To increase citizen participation, a group of scientists, businesses and non-profits created a virtual municipality that would be able to move fast and innovate without any of the traditional hurdles. Vaardam is the first virtual municipality in the Netherlands. They are exploiting a range of Oracle technologies to encourage citizen participation in government decision-making that is transparent, resistant to fraud and easy to use – and can be applied to many other business use cases.

A formal structure for decision-making was required – and they deployed a digital identity and voting application using blockchain technology on the Oracle platform to facilitate this. 

Various key design decisions were made along the way in order to ensure the decision-making could be from a trusted digital identity, anonymous and tamper-proof. 

A formal structure to facilitate decision-making, including voting, needs to adhere to at least the following requirements:

  • It should make use of a trusted digital identity
  • Votes should be anonymous
  • There should only be one vote per citizen
  • It should be tamper-proof.

To facilitate the decision-making process and to offer a platform for “real organizations”, the initiative developed a solution that enables participation that is transparent and resistant to fraud developed with the Oracle Blockchain Platform. To learn more about this use case, read the full article by Lonneke Dikmans in the UK IOUG Magazine, Pass the Knowledge (PTK).

To hear Lonneke present the use case online, you can watch the replay of her presentation to the Oracle Luxembourg User's Group here on YouTube.


About the Author

Lonneke Dikmans is partner and founder of DoeMee at Vennster. She has been working as a developer and architect with Oracle tools since 2001 and has hands on experience with Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle PaaS products like Oracle Kubernetes Engine, Oracle Blockchain Platform Cloud Service, Oracle Integration Cloud Service, Mobile Cloud Service, API Platform Cloud Service and multiple languages like Java and Javascript (node.js etc). Lonneke is a Groundbreaker Ambassador and Oracle Ace Director and publishes frequently online. She also shares her knowledge at conferences and other community events.

Mary Hall

Director, Oracle Blockchain Product Marketing

Mary Hall is Director of Oracle Blockchain Product Marketing. In this role, Mary works to develop sales tools, marketing materials, case studies, web pages, videos, sales enablement training, events, blogs, social media, infographics and other marketing essentials.

Prior to joining Oracle, Mary worked at IBM for over 13 years, most recently working on Blockchain. In addition to her work with IBM, Mary has worked at consulting firms and Internet start-ups. This year, Mary was voted one of the “Top 100 Women in Blockchain” by Richtopia. She has also been voted one of the Top 100 Influencers in the area of Identity by One World Identity.  Mary has won many awards for marketing hardware & software products, as well as social media and digital marketing. A passionate creator of content on a wide variety of topics, Mary’s writing has been featured in The Huffington Post, The New York Times and on CNN Headline News. 

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