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June 13, 2022 | 3 minute read
Carolyn Gross
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Oracle
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Wondering how your current product development processes and systems compare to others? While keeping up with operational transformation, it’s tough to know where you stand and what your next steps should be.

That’s why it’s important to know your current level of product lifecycle management (PLM) maturity. Whereas PLM systems predominately used to focus on designing products, we’ve seen many leading companies leverage cloud PLM solutions to help them solve today’s manufacturing and supply chain challenges.  

We created this PLM assessment tool so you can see how you stack up against best-in-class companies and make strategic investment decisions about which type of PLM software will benefit your company most.

How to get started with the PLM self-assessment tool

This short self-assessment helps you evaluate your current PLM processes and identify areas for improvement across the value chain. Whichever role you select, you’ll answer questions about your team’s approach to new product development and introduction. You’ll see how well you’re addressing supply chain and manufacturing challenges across the entire product lifecycle, and whether you’re designing products to meet your sustainability goals. The best thing about this assessment is that you can compare your current PLM maturity against top innovators—a valuable takeaway to improve your PLM processes today and better plan for continuous innovation.

You’ll select your role
Figure 1: You’ll select your role

Why should you evaluate your company?

It always helps to take a step back and consider your daily tasks. Are they easy and worthwhile or difficult and redundant? Could they be more effective? The assessment will ask you some questions that you may not have considered.

Your answers to the questions will build a visual assessment
Figure 2: Your answers to the questions will build a visual assessment

Turning your challenges into successes

It’s tough in this competitive market to find great ideas, decide which to invest in, and get products and services to market quickly—all while managing your current product portfolio. To do this effectively, you need a PLM system that provides a seamless flow of information and is unified with your supply chain and manufacturing processes on a single cloud-based platform. This platform helps you break down silos so your employees can take the necessary steps to scale the business profitably.

Here’s an example of the type of feedback you’ll receive
Figure 3: Here’s an example of the type of feedback you’ll receive

With the information the assessment provides, you’ll uncover new ideas and help your organization move forward. It may be as simple as improving a process, or as important as modernizing your PLM software. Please reach out if you need specific follow up, we’re here to help.

Take your free PLM assessment now.

Carolyn Gross

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Oracle

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