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February 1, 2024 | 3 minute read
Robert Azzopardi
Distinguished SaaS Cloud Technologist
Mike Iserman
Senior SaaS Cloud Technologist
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Whether you are building a car, a house, or a cloud-based software application service, your final product is only as good as the underlying foundation you are building on. For Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, that foundation is the industry-leading Oracle Applications Platform powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. And while the user-interface and reporting capabilities are the most visible parts of an application, the critical platform and infrastructure components beneath the surface are equally important and, in some cases, even more important.

Oracle Cloud Applications: Technology Matters

Consider the underlying platform and infrastructure technologies required to support a typical cloud-based software application. This includes storage, computing, networking, databases, security, integration, access management, domain name systems, identity management and much more. With Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, customers receive state-of-the-art, all-Oracle technologies that produce cohesive, powerful, and cutting-edge solutions. Among other things, Oracle customers no longer need to worry about compatibility of underlying technology because the entire solution is developed, engineered, and maintained by Oracle as part of the cloud service. This is opposed to other, non-Oracle applications which often consist of multiple vendor products having varying levels of integration. At Oracle, customers receive platform and infrastructure consisting of the most powerful, innovative, and industry-leading Oracle technologies - all engineered and optimized to work together in the Oracle Cloud. 

In terms of why technology is important, consider for example the area of applications security. In recent years, there has been a rise in security threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities that illustrate the importance of having robust security to protect critical data and systems. Oracle Cloud Applications leverage the industry’s most extensive and robust security framework to thoroughly protect the mission-critical customer data used by the applications.

Oracle has been creating superior technologies since the company’s inception in 1977 and now has over 130,000 employees serving over 430,000 customers in over 170 countries. Oracle’s decades-long commitment to all technology is evident in Oracle’s present-day, state-of-the-art cloud services. With Oracle Cloud Applications being powered by underlying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, Oracle Applications customers receive both powerful business functionality as well as the most complete technology ecosystem available. It is this leading Oracle technology that powers Oracle Applications and allows customers to achieve the world-class business results that their stakeholders expect and their customers demand.

Oracle recently published a series of blog posts that explore the intersection of Oracle Cloud Applications, Platform, and Infrastructure. These posts are as follows:

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Integration Part 2 – Built in Frameworks

Integration Part 3 – Prebuilt Integrations and Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)

Extending Oracle Cloud Applications

Service - the Second “S” in SaaS

In this series, we share key aspects of how Oracle’s Applications Platform and Infrastructure powers Oracle Cloud Applications while at the same time helping organizations maximize both the business and technological value of their Oracle Cloud Applications investment. We encourage customers to examine these to better understand why for Oracle Cloud Applications, Technology Matters. 

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"This blog series was written by Oracle’s North American Applications, Advanced Technology team, which is dedicated to helping customers modernize their businesses through technical innovation. They provide subject matter expertise and vision on SaaS, platform technology, operations, and data management."

Robert Azzopardi

Distinguished SaaS Cloud Technologist

Mike Iserman

Senior SaaS Cloud Technologist

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