Introducing the Oracle Logistics Digital Assistant

July 9, 2020 | 2 minute read
Evelyn Mei
Senior Product Strategy Manager
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Introducing the new Oracle Logistics Digital Assistant, an AI-powered Virtual Assistant for Oracle Cloud Logistics. Your customers and employees now have easy, on-the-go access to order status and shipment tracking without having to navigate through the Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) application or understand complicated data mappings. The Oracle Logistics Digital Assistant provides you and your authorized users with a conversational interface that responds quickly, improves user satisfaction, and increases business efficiencies.

Make sure to register and attend the upcoming Customer Connect session featuring the Oracle Logistics Digital Assistant on Friday, August 14th at 9:00-10:00 am PT. 

Oracle Logistics Digital Assistant capabilities

Here’s what it can do out-of-the-box. With this capability you can:

  • Get easy access to order and shipment information on mobile devices
  • Send requests using text or speech
  • Get an overview of all in-transit orders instantly
  • Drill down to see order and shipment details
  • Obtain latest status and location based on GPS updates sent to OTM

This capability is fully extensible and adaptable via the Oracle Digital Assistant Platform.

Providing customer support and employee assistance

OTM Cloud customers can deploy and expose the Logistics Digital Assistant to end customers and employees. 

Here are the highlighted features and benefits:

  1. Intuitive and mobile-first

    Your customers and employees can now interact with Oracle Cloud without having to learn terminologies or navigate application UIs. The Logistics Digital Assistant provides these non-core OTM users a simple interface to get the information they need, extending supply chain visibility to a broader ecosystem.

  1. Fully extensible and adaptable

    Skills can be extended to:

    • Add or modify the functionality of the skill (intents)
    • Add or modify examples of what a user might say (utterances)
    • Add or modify the keywords extracted from a user utterance (entities)
    • Modify the dialog flow
    • Support multiple languages
    • Leverage OTM-GTM REST services to build custom capabilities
  1. Instant and automated response

    The Digital Assistant responds instantly and works 24/7, which means reduced wait time for customers and less workload for support agents.

  1. Voice-enabled

    Users ask questions in everyday conversational language using text or speech. Multiple languages can be configured to provide convenient on-the-go access to users around the globe.

  1. Embedded AI capabilities

    The underlying technology stack: the Oracle Digital Assistant platform uses AI and machine learning to execute context and task-driven conversations. The AI algorithm is capable of retraining and improving itself as the digital assistant interacts with users.

Take our Guided Quick Tour that demonstrates the digital assistant’s out-of-the-box core capabilities. Customers and partners are welcome to modify, extend, or build your custom skills by leveraging OTM-GTM REST services and the Oracle Digital Assistant Platform.

To learn more about what's new in our OTM-GTM 20C release, watch this Spotlight Video and visit the New Feature Summary page for additional technical documentation. 

Evelyn Mei

Senior Product Strategy Manager

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