How to optimize omnichannel commerce and order fulfillment

March 4, 2021 | 3 minute read
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By Erin Sun, Director of SCM Product Marketing, Oracle, and Shad Stalians, Senior Manager of CX Product Marketing, Oracle

In omnichannel commerce, customers are more informed and hold more power than ever. They expect an effortless ordering experience, from search and discovery, to the moment the order is delivered.

The key to success for any business requires adopting new selling strategies like omnichannel commerce capabilities and using modern technologies to enhance the customer experience. Businesses can also expand product and service offerings to improve customer retention and grow predictable revenues with subscription services. An integrated and scalable order-to-cash solution can help you grow your business and stay competitive by:

  1. Increasing customer satisfaction with perfect orders
  2. Reducing costs in order processing, inventory, and logistics
  3. Maximizing sales revenue and profit margin

In a recent webcast hosted by Oracle, we explored Supremo Fitness’s story and how Oracle applications helped them offer their customers an effortless buying experience, fulfill orders quickly, manage behind-the-scenes order processing and delivery, and grow recurring revenues with subscription services.

Their story starts with a business owner Wendy, who is placing an order with Supremo Fitness, who has built their commerce experience with Oracle Commerce. The intelligent search and guided buying features help her make the best product selections while reducing cost by eliminating order errors. Oracle helps Supremo Fitness unify all their data so that Supremo can give their customers more control over their experience, including access to order and account information. In this example, Wendy’s valued customer discount and shipping address is automatically populated–all for a frictionless order orchestration.

Natalie, the sales rep for Supremo Fitness, is using Oracle Sales to manage her accounts and close more deals. Oracle enables unified data across the front and back-office operations to allow reps like Natalie to gain visibility into important information that affects her customer, like the supply chain. With Oracle Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), she responds to her customers’ needs quickly using intuitive tools that help her create the right customized offering and identify relevant cross-sell and upsell opportunities to drive additional revenue in the same transaction. Once the quote becomes an order, it automatically passes the relevant information to the supply chain Order Management for fulfillment.

Next, the order goes to Ryan, who manages the order fulfillment process to deliver the perfect order at the optimal cost. Oracle Order Management serves as a centralized order hub, allowing fulfillment managers like Ryan to capture orders across multiple channels, and then orchestrate orders across multiple fulfillment systems. The Cloud order management is digitally connected to inventory management, warehouse management, and ERP financials, allowing visibility into warehouse operations and inventory information. So, when disruptions occur or demand surges, Ryan can track inventory accurately, and ship the right product from the optimal warehouse location, with the ability to bill customers automatically. Oracle’s end-to-end Order-to-cash solution enables businesses to fulfill orders at the optimal cost.

The flexible deployment capability allows Order Management to digitally connect to systems from various vendors, enabling seamless order orchestration without the need to reap and replace the entire order-to-cash solutions.

Lastly, as one of the newest business growth opportunities, Nick manages subscription services for the company to improve customer retention and grow predictable revenue. In the past, the company’s multiple legacy systems kept information siloed, so all recurring billing had to be managed manually. As a result, errors increased, revenue was not always recognized properly, and customers didn’t have the best experience. With Oracle Subscription Management, not only is recurring billing automated, but with consistent data, it can be managed at any customer touchpoint, including self-service channels. Since Ryan doesn’t need to focus on the administrative tasks, he can better focus on business growth opportunities, like using churn prediction capabilities to identify at-risk customers early and improve his chances of getting them back on track to renew.

As the lines continue to blur between B2B and B2C, and companies expand into the direct-to-consumer market, omnichannel commerce and order fulfillment processes become more complex. But using the right solution allows you to better manage that complexity accurately and at scale. Check out the webcast replay to learn how the front office and back-office technologies and business processes are integrate across omnichannel operations for a seamless customer experience.

Learn how you can achieve the perfect delivery. Visit our Perfect Delivery page to learn more.

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