Enable your supply chain with a command center

March 9, 2023 | 2 minute read
Daniel Bachar
Senior Director, Product Strategy, Oracle
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We’ve all seen how recent events around the world are causing variability in the supply chain, such as material shortages and spikes in demand. Companies need to address multiple disruptions faster than ever before. Your supply chain needs to effectively execute on your plans, reduce risks, and provide clear visibility into your business environment and extended supply chain network.

There are many challenges that make it difficult for you to achieve complete visibility and mitigate risks with optimal response time. Siloed data, disconnected applications, and lack of execution capabilities are some of the most common ones. To overcome these, you need a dynamic approach that improves the quality and speed of your supply chain decision making. All under a single platform.

Let’s explore the three key areas where a supply chain command center can help:

1. Consumable internal and external data

Going beyond connecting to multiple data sources, your decisions have to be derived from a single layer of consumable internal and external data. Internal data sources such as finance and planning data and external signals like weather conditions or environmental data should be integrated, providing you only the essential data needed to address the specific business challenge you are facing.

2. Pre-defined supply chain uses cases

Pre-defined use cases combine data, intelligence, and recommendations. From use cases like demand risk management or manufacturing constraints, each use case follows a three-step approach to detect real-time signals, decide leveraging analytics and deep learning, and execute recommending actions to keep your enterprise operating at peak performance.

3. Quick response and continuous improvement

A command center should not only recommend actions but also learn from both proposed and executed actions, allowing you to automate decisions where applicable. This will help you scale as your supply chain matures, and also free up your supply chain team to focus on more strategic work.

The future of supply chain decision making

With a supply chain command center you can quickly address the most challenging business conditions and respond to both upstream and downstream events across your supply chain. Your supply chain becomes a competitive advantage that fills the needs of your customers and trading partners.

Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM can enable your supply chain with a command center, taking advantage of connected data, focusing on each business scenario with pre-defined use cases, providing recommended actions, and enabling decision automation as needed.

Learn more about supply chain command center.

Daniel Bachar

Senior Director, Product Strategy, Oracle

Daniel Bachar leads Supply Chain Product Strategy Enablement at Oracle. Daniel brings more than 10 years of experience in sales, marketing, supply chain management, and advanced analytics. He provides a unique blend of business and industry knowledge, leading successful efforts to integrate new technologies into effective supply chain solutions. His experience includes development, design and go-to-market strategy of supply chain and advanced analytics products, helping clients with complex business problems to achieve complete visibility into their supply chain operations.

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